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NKOTB: Flour Bluff LC

These guys are starting to look like legit lacrosse players!

(Editor’s note: On November 2nd, FB LC was accepted into their lacrosse league. This is a HUGE step for FBLax!)

As we sit and wait to hear the fate of the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club‘s high school team, the excitement amongst our high school players keeps building.

Supposedly they were told to not play lacrosse during football season.  Whether that is true or not, is not my place to speak, but our numbers did decrease dramatically.  As the football season is winding down, our numbers are steadily rising.  The lure of Friday Night Lights is losing its appeal and more and more our high school players are coming back.

Whether they truly want to play, or just be part of something new and somewhat anti-establishment, is yet to be determined, but one thing is certain… The Revolution has begun.  These kids are starting to see the big picture.  That big picture is that they have a chance to create something, and not just sit on the sidelines.  They understand that what they are doing is going against all the people who question South Texas Lacrosse.  These kids, and they are just kids, want to play the game no matter what.

Skill building happens on the field, the tennis court, wherever!

I was back in Corpus Christi, TX the other night and some of our coaches went to a football game to hopefully recruit some players.  One of our Summer LAX kids, who played football, had gotten hurt, but said he was going to rest up, not play football, and get ready for LAX.  Another Young Buck from Summer LAX came up and said he’s been keeping up through Facebook and was excited about tryouts and was gonna bring some more potential players.  All in all the little recruiting sesh was good, but the pinnacle of the night was when one of the star players said after the game, “I’m freakin’ bored out there (on the football field), I’m ready for lacrosse.”

Right there is why we keep pushing.  These Young Bucks are spreading the word, the love for the game has surpassed the need for the attention of mainstream sports, and they know that our support of them is unwaivering.

Going down the line... learning poke checks. Strong fundamentals!!!

Lacrosse is not a UIL sport in Texas, its not supported by many schools, and is barely supported by the community.  Our program is in such infancy that some will continue to question if we will make it to Spring Lacrosse, but don’t worry, the Club’s high school team will not only launch this Spring but it will also open everyone’s eyes.  The kids want to play lacrosse, so we’ll make that happen for them.  And when all is said and done the LAX Revolution will leave a permanent mark on South Texas.

Till then… we wait.  We wait until we get accepted into the League, we wait while politics takes it toll in us finding a “Home” field for the kids to call their own, and we wait for…  Actually we don’t wait to play, we don’t wait to grow, and we don’t wait to become “sanctioned”…  These kids wanna play lacrosse, so they play and if anyone gets in their way our Young Bucks will either be polite and Split-Dodge or they will just do like their football coaches tell them and light somebody up!!!

In the end, this is all about the kids.  We preach that to them, to the community, and to the schools.  These kids want to play high school lacrosse so bad that it would almost be ridiculous to not support them.  And does Corpus Christi, TX/ Flour Bluff ISD really want to be known as the city/school district that does not support its youth…  Am I calling them out?  Maybe, but we’re all on the same side… Right?

Let the Revolution begin.