NLL Cancels 2011 Season?! (UPDATED)


Saw this and had to post it. Is it true? Did the NLL really cancel the 2011 season?

If anyone has details please post in the comments section. We’ll try to update as more information comes our way.

UPDATE (Thursday, 9AM):

Shortly after the news broke from the NLL’s twitter handle, commenter Patrick Boyd informed us that Washington Stealth GM Doug Locker tweeted notice from his personal account that the NLL had been hacked.

Then, one hour ago, the NLL updated Twitter and Facebook confirming the hack.

The original tweet about the 2011 cancellation has not yet been deleted, and we do not have any other information at this time. Hopefully all is well at NLL HQ and it was just a random hacker – not an NLL staffer going rogue!

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  1. It's really very very terrible but I could see it, I just think the MLL and NLL were introduced to early from a market standpoint. It's such a shame to with how anxious people are, in 10 years lacrosse will be fanatically supported throughout the country at the professional level but maybe it just needs a break. What sucks about this is for the stars that have contracts with companies or other endorsers, where do they go?