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Rochester Knighthawks Cody Jamieson NLL Photo credit: Larry Palumbo
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NLL Predictions and Previews – Week 6

The NLL is finally starting to shake out as one might expect. Last weekend we saw the Rochester Knighthawks get their first win of the season. They now sit on an abysmal 1-3 record in the Eastern Division. Not the situation you would except Rochester to be in. They have a chance to get to .500% after this weekend if they can get two wins – and they are the only team with back to back games this weekend. Maybe the 11am Friday game will allow them to work some of the kinks out? Yup, 11am on a Friday. Weird. Check out ALL the games on The Lacrosse Network!

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo of

The Toronto Rock are mounting what seems to be somewhat of a roll – as The Rock beat a good Buffalo team last weekend and remain atop the Eastern standings with an impressive 5-1 record.  The Bandits drop to a 3-2 record and are now 1.5 games back from The Rock.

The Western Division, not to sound redundant, is basically the wild west of the NLL. The Minnesota Swarm are in last place but they are also only 1.5 games out of first. In a matter of weeks we could be looking at a completely upside down Western Division. The Washington Stealth lost another and dropped to 3-3 overall.

Colorado rallied and took down the Swarm, and Colorado moves to 2-2 on the year and the Swarm fall to 1-3. Calgary dumped Edmonton in a close, high-scoring slug fest. Calgary has now won 3 in a row and they are starting to resemble the Roughneck squad from years past. Meanwhile, Edmonton have dropped to 1-3 on the season with that loss. Edmonton’s 1-3 record does not do the team any justice, they have one of the better teams in the league, they just need to find a way to win.

  • Rochester Knighthawks @ Philadelphia Wings 

Connor Wilson – Rochester Knighthawks “When I go with my gut in regards to Rochester, I get it wrong. When I go against my gut, I get it right. I’m going against my gut and saying Rochester actually wins this one. I don’t feel good about that pick right now for some reason. But gut picks are 100% science, so I have to stick with it“.

Chris Rosenthall – Philadelphia Wings “This is one of those picks that I changed about six times. As much as I want to say Rochester got it all figured out, they only scored 7 goals in their win last weekend, so I’m going Philly”.

Ryan Connors – Philadelphia Wings “A fast-paced up and down game.  Should be exciting to watch, but Rochester has to bury the biscuit to win”.  

  • Toronto Rock @ Minnesota Swarm

Connor Wilson – Minnesota Swarm “I like Minnesota over a 5-1 Toronto. If I keep making this pick, eventually I’ll get it right, right?

Chris Rosenthall – Toronto Rock “Callum Crawford’s back for the Swarm this week, but I’m just not betting against the Rock right now. Too many different ways to win“.

Ryan Connors – Toronto Rock “Hard to bet against a team that is 5-1 right now.  The Rock are scary good and the Swarm is a young squad struggling on offense are have yet to hit their stride”.  

  • Rochester Knighthawks @ Buffalo Bandits

Connor Wilson – Buffalo Bandits “See my above comment on gut picks and Rochester. My gut says Rochester wins this one. So I pick the opposite. Ok, Rochester officially confuses me“.

Chris Rosenthall – Rochester Knighthawks “I think the Knighthawks are definitely going 1-1 this weekend. Tavares is still out, so I’m thinking this will be the one they win“.

Ryan Connors – Buffalo Bandits “I don’t think anyone is giving enough credit to the Bandits yet this year, they are a good squad.  Rochester finally got its first win but they only 39 goals through 4 games, that’s not going to cut it“.

  • Edmonton Rush @ Calgary Roughnecks

Connor Wilson – Calgary Roughnecks “I like Calgary to make a run at winning this whole thing, and that starts to show more soon. Hopefully soon enough that I get this pick right“.

Chris Rosenthall – Calgary Roughnecks “The Roughnecks have won three games in a row and nine straight regular season games against Edmonton. Snider and Evans are playing out of their minds; why bet against them now?

Ryan Connors – Edmonton Rush “Going out on a limb on this one.  There is no way Calgary scores 18 goals against Edmonton again.  Mark Matthews needs to play well in order for The Rush to win, he needs at least 5 points“.

  • Colorado Mammoth @ Washington Stealth

Connor Wilson – Colorado Mammoth “Last week I called Colorado a group of individuals and John Grant Jr scored 11 points. I’ll say it again… they are a team of individuals. Hopefully this totally unfair prodding provokes some points, and gives me a correct pick this week. I’ll admit it, I’m a bit desperate“.

Chris Rosenthall – Colorado Mammoth “The Colorado defense looked much better this weekend. If that continues even after Matt Roik gets some new gloves, they should be just fine“.

Ryan Connors – Colorado Mammoth “Too many offensive weapons for the Mammoth.  As for Matt Roik, ‘You ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’.”

Running Tally:

Connor Wilson (8-13)
Chris Rosenthall (7-14)
Ryan Connors (9-12)