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NLL Predictions And Previews: Week 7

As spot on as I was two weeks ago, this past week I couldn’t have been more wrong. There were some blowouts and a few close games, but overall it was a very exciting week 6 in the NLL!

The Rochester Knighthawks offense finally clicked as they won two games and put up 35 points collectively. They now have the 2nd highest goals for in the East and 4th highest in the NLL. The K-Hawks have made quite a turnaround and now have one of the most dangerous offenses in the league.

Minnesota shocked Toronto in an overtime thriller – The Swarm got their 2nd win of the season as Toronto were handed their 2nd loss. Calgary kept rolling and have now strung together 4 straight wins. Washington got back in the win column –  asthey took down the Mammoth and held their offense to only 6 goals. It’s still a very wide open league.


Make sure you check out all this weekend’s games on The Lacrosse Network!

  • Calgary Roughnecks @ Toronto Rock

Connor Wilson – Toronto Rock “Hard not to pick both teams, but The Rock are regular season beauties and they have excellent chemistry. Duh. What is this parity everyone speaks of?

Chris Rosenthall – Toronto Rock “Calgary’s won five in a row, but their low point production last week makes me think the Rock defense can keep the Roughnecks under control. Toronto wins, but it’s close and low-scoring“.

Ryan Connors – Toronto Rock “Toronto has the better defense and the better net-minder.  I think if they can get an early lead they’ll take this one”.  

  • Washington Stealth @ Edmonton Rush

Connor Wilson – Edmonton Rush “Left side, strong side. Actually the right side is pretty strong too. EDM wins a high scoring game by a couple“.

Chris Rosenthall – Edmonton Rush “The Rush have got to turn it around sometime, so why not against the team they dropped 18 on earlier this season? By the way, why are three of Edmonton’s first six games against the Stealth? NLL schedules are so weird; poor Jeremy Thompson has to keep facing off against Sniders every week“.

Ryan Connors – Edmonton Rush “Rush need to win and this is their opportunity”.  

  • Calgary Roughnecks @ Minnesota Swarm

Connor Wilson – Minnesota Swarm “I love CAL this year, but the Friday game could catch up with them and MINN has the guns to score enough late for the win“.

Chris Rosenthall – Calgary Roughnecks “I like the Swarm, and they had a very impressive win last weekend against Toronto, but Geoff Snider’s going to win about 80% of the faceoffs, Dickson and Evans are going to combine for, we’ll say 10 points, and that’ll just about do it“.

Ryan Connors – Calgary Roughnecks “The Swarm are good, but the Riggers are even better”.  

  • Buffalo Bandits @ Rochester Knighthawks

Connor Wilson – Rochester Knighthawks “My gut says buffalo takes this one, but I’ll follow the pattern of picking against my gut with ROCH, and say they win a close one“.

Chris Rosenthall – Rochester Knighthawks “Rochester scored 35 goals last weekend, can’t beat that momentum“.

Ryan Connors – Rochester Knighthawks “The Knighthawks offense is finally playing like they should have all year.  Vino in net and the high-powered offense, this is the championship caliber team we were waiting for”.  

  • Edmonton Rush @ Colorado Mammoth

Connor Wilson – Colorado Mammoth “If COL puts up big goals, they win. I don’t hate EDM’s defense, but Colorado should be able to generate some chances. 17-14 seems like a good score“.

Chris Rosenthall – Colorado Mammoth “Edmonton’s defense gives this game some upset potential, but I’ve got to say Colorado. No way the Mammoth offense is actually as bad as they were last weekend, right?”

Ryan Connors – Colorado Mammoth “Once again, Colorado rallies around the veterans and they get another win.  Hopefully they can stay on track”.  

Correct Picks Running Tally:

Connor Wilson (11-15)
Chris Rosenthall (9-17)
Ryan Connors (9-17)