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NLL Stars in the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship 2015 + MLL & NCAA Athletes

Since the WILC 2015 kicks off this week, we thought it’d be nice to hook you guys up with a list of all 55 of the NLL stars you’ll see competing in the games!

Obviously Canada is going to lead the way on this list considering every member of the roster are currently active NLL stars, but there’s some other familiar faces suiting up for 6 other nations.




  • Aaron Bold (Edmonton Rush)
  • Adam Jones (Colorado Mammoth)
  • Billy Dee Smith (Buffalo Bandits)
  • Brandon Miller (Toronto Rock)
  • Brett Mydske (Edmonton Rush)
Toronto Rock Brodie Merrill 2015 NLL Photo Credit Bill Wippert
Photo Credit: Bill Wippert
  • Brodie Merrill (Toronto Rock) announced injury
  • Chris Corbeil (Edmonton Rush)
  • Curtis Dickson (Calgary Roughnecks)
  • Dan Coates (Colorado Mammoth)
Rochester Knighthawks vs. Buffalo Bandits NLL Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo
Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo
  • Dan Dawson (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Dhane Smith (Buffalo Bandits)
  • Jordan MacIntosh (Minnesota Swarm)
  • Kyle Rubisch (Edmonton Rush)
  • Mark Matthews (Edmonton Rush)

Rochester Knighthawks Philadelphia Wings NLL Matt Vinc Photo:Larry Palumbo

  • Matt Vinc (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Paul Dawson (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Ryan Benesch (Buffalo Bandits)
  • Ryan Dilks (Edmonton Rush)
  • Scott Campbell (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Shawn Evans (Calgary Roughnecks)
  • Stephan Leblanc (Toronto Rock)
  • Steve Priolo (Buffalo Bandits)
  • Zack Greer (Edmonton Rush)


  • Chad Culp (Buffalo Bandits)
Photo Credit: Scott Pierson
Photo Credit: Scott Pierson
  • Zach Higgins (Georgia Swarm)


  • Nik Bilic (Saskatchewan Rush)
Ilija Gajic Vancouver Stealth NLL photo credit - Garrett James
Photo Credit: Garrett James
  • Ilija Gajic (Vancouver Stealth)
  • Aleks Gajic (Vancouver Stealth)




  • Nick Rose (Toronto Rock)
  • Tyson Roe (Calgary Roughnecks)


NLL Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo
Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo
  • Stephen Keogh (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Andrew McBride (Calgary Roughnecks)

Iroquois Nationals

  • Angus Goodleaf (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Johnny Powless (Georgia Swarm)
  • Jeff Shattler (Calgary Roughnecks)
  • Jerome Haina Thompson (Buffalo Bandits)
  • Craig Point (Rochester Knighthawks)
Miles Thompson and Jeremy Thompson Minnesota Swarm vs Edmonton Rush NLL Photo Credit: Dale MacMillan
Photo Credit: Dale MacMillan
  • Miles Thompson (Georgia Swarm)
  • Jeremy Thompson (Saskatchewan Rush)
  • Sid Smith (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Tyler Garrison (Vancouver Stealth)
  • Brandon Goodwin (Buffalo Bandits)
  • Brier Jonathan (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Brett Bucktooth (New England Black Wolves)
  • Kedoh Hill (Buffalo Bandits)

United States

New England Blackwolves Credit: Khoi Ton/Black Wolves Photographer
Photo Credit: Khoi Ton
  • Kevin Buchanan (New England Black Wolves)
  • Marcus Holman (Georgia Swarm)
  • Joe Resetarits (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Joe Walters (Rochester Knighthawks)
  • Drew Westervelt (Colorado Mammoth) announced injury
  • Greg Downing (Colorado Mammoth)
  • Ryan Hotaling (New England Black Wolves)
  • Brett Manney (New England Black Wolves)
  • Brian Megill (New England Black Wolves)
Chris O'Dougherty Vancouver Stealth Insider Moment Photo Credit: Derek Cain
Photo Credit: Derek Cain
  • Chris O’Dougherty (Vancouver Stealth)
  • Joel White (Georgia Swarm)



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There’s some other field lacrosse all-stars that will be bringing their talents to the box for the WILC.

MLL players that did not compete in the 2015 NLL season include: Mike Stone (Cannons/Israel), Lyle Thompson (Launch/Iroquois), Drew Snider (Outlaws/USA), Casey Powell (Launch/USA), Jeff Ratcliffe (Cannons/USA), Garrett Thul (Launch/USA), Jeff Reynolds (Bayhawks/USA), CJ Costabile (Bayhawks/USA), Donny Moss (Rattlers/USA), Joe Smith (Outlaws/USA), Randy Staats (Rattlers/Iroquois)

Current NCAA athletes: Warren Hill (Syracuse/Iroquois), Blaze Riorden (Albany/USA), Nabil Akl (Drexel/Turkey), Joe Rainoldi (Drexel/Turkey), Anssi Kaisalmi (Mercer/Finland), Tristan Rai (Lehigh/Australia)