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Norway Experiencing A Lacrosse Boom Of Its Own

10 years ago there was little to no lacrosse in Norway, so any nominal increase in participation could be considered a “mini-boom” for the sport, but lax in Norway has gone a lot further than that, and in a very short amount of time.

Last time we talked about lax in Norway, we spoke about the BI Lions out of Oslo, and Rune Andersson filled us in on how many Universities have teams there are (ten) and what the general scene in Norway is like, plus a whole lot more! It was a great introduction to Norsk Lacrosse!  Make sure you check out the BI Lions’ website, where there is a contest going on and LAS is involved!!!

And now we have even more lax in Norway action for you!

Fredrik Annweiler, of the University of Agder, emailed us with this video (which is AWESOME!) and a little more info on his squad:

“The University of Agder, currently Norway’s best college team, just released their new promotional video. This is the first “professional” lacrosse video made in Norway ever and is a indication on how fast the game is growing over here.”

Fredrik nails it, because this video is definitely professional!  And it really does show just how quickly the game has grown in Norway.  When you consider they weren’t even playing the game in that country before 2004, their skills and dedication levels are extremely impressive.  I know some guys who have been playing all their lives who’d love to ball like this!

Oslo Legends lacrosse in Norway
A lacrosse game in Norway.

The game of lacrosse is growing like crazy, both internationally and abroad.  So what are YOU doing to Grow The Game either at home, or abroad?