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Princeton Loyola Lacrosse fall ball fashion november lacrosse
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November Lacrosse Video Explosion

November Lacrosse is not like April lacrosse, where everyone is doing everything, but there is still enough lacrosse video being produced out in the world to create a killer November Lacrosse Video Explosion! It might not all be game film, but a diverse selection of videos never hurts the mind. Enjoy!

November Lacrosse Video Explosion

Let’s start out with game highlights. Nothing too crazy. Just Yale vs Delaware in D1 fall ball action.

Why not add in a little Marquette vs Fairfield?

Trick Shots Vs Trick Shots

First up we have Tricks Shots from Miami, sponsored by East Coast Dyes. Does a shaft actually make you better a trick shots? Debatable, but the video is cool, and it’s way more tricks than promos, so we’ll run it! Love the double skip shot…

Is this better than Paul Rabil’s trick shot video with Dude Perfect? It comes close at the very least.

At the end of the day I still don’t think we’ve seen the best lacrosse trick shot video we can. The above two are good, but we can do better. Love the effort, but we’re no where near the top of where this can go. Onwards and upwards lax fam!

Iowa State Lacrosse Mini-Doc

This Iowa State video is pretty cool too. It’s amazing to learn how late a lot of players still pick up the game, and then fall in love with it. I love hearing the perspective of guys in Iowa who love the game. Very cool.

Big Things, Little Package

You know how some people are saying lacrosse is going to be played by HUGE men only in the future? Honestly, I don’t see it. Not as long as smaller, crafty players like Drew Bregman continue to come around. Love this kid’s hustle. LOVE it.

Petro Talks 2016 Hopkins Schedule

Canada, Man.

They just keep winning…

John Grant Jr. – ALSO from Canada!

North of the border stuff just keeps coming, eh?

Hopkins Alumni Game

We’ll finish it up with video from the Hop Alumni Game. Rabil was there, but not playing. Seems like a VERY fun atmosphere down at Homewood!