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NOW OPEN: The LAS Thread Shop

Last week we launched the Grow The Game Project and with that also came a brand new store – The LAS Thread Shop.

Since we didn’t get a chance to share everything with you yet, we thought we’d take you through it now. What’s better than a little Monday night online shopping anyway? Do it while you’re watching Vick and the Eagles take down McNabb’s Redskins on MNF.

First up, we’ve got a whole load of beanies in just in time for Winter. Order one or all three… depending on how cold it is in your area you may want to wear layers. (Note: those fuzzy balls on top are removable.)

The Slouche

The Bruiser

The Rollic Slant

LAS Classic Cloth Shorts

We pre-sold the Classic Cloth Shorts in September, and due to high demand we’ve decided to extend the offer permanently. So so so comfortable. You gotta admit, there’s nothing better than cotton.

Sticker Packs

Each LAS team member has these stuck to their ceiling above their bed, just like those glow in the dark stars you used to have. That’s dedication.

And last, but certainly not least… We’re bringing back a classic!

THE Apollo Creed Shorts

Order now and get your pair just in time for Christmas! Talk about the perfect stalking stuffer. (But hey, we might be biased.)

Lax All Stars Shorts_back

Want to see something else in the LAS Thread Shop?

LET US KNOW in the comments section or shoot us an email anytime.