Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom
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Where You Are Now

GREAT Monday morning, ladies and gentlemen!!

Just for a minute, pause. Be as quiet and still as you possibly can. Look around you, and recognize all that is right. You’re at a computer, or on a smart-phone. You’re at a desk, or in a car. You’re at work or school. You’re healthy. And even if you’re sick, you’re not in the hospital. And if you’re in the hospital, you’re still alive, and well enough to read this. You’re college educated or you’re looking forward to college. You have a high school diploma, or you are looking forward to graduating high school. You’ve got a credit card, or a debit card, or cash, OR access to at least one of the three. You ate dinner last night, and maybe even breakfast this morning. The weekend is over, but it was a break from whatever your normal Monday to Friday routine is… the one that you are once again engaging as you read this. It’s Monday, and all of the concerns that come with it, are real. But, keep it in perspective. You … WE … are better off than the majority of the world – no ifs, ands, or buts, about it. Our concerns are a byproduct of our blessings.

This week, remember that you are blessed beyond measure. Remember, even if just for moments at a time, that life is a lot better for us than it is for most people in this world. In fact, life is better for us than it is for a large population of this country. Sure there are things that we are going to have to address this week, but don’t believe the hype. Don’t let this world fool you into believing for one second that life isn’t good, or that you have to get/have/do x, y, or z in order for your life to be what you want it to be. In order for your life to be what you want it to be, you have to decide that what and where it is right now, is a blessing already.

Make it a GREAT day and a GREAT week!

Stay blessed.