NYC box lacrosse ULAX
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NYC Box Lacrosse: Week 3 Recap And BTB Goal Video

NYC box lacrosse ULAX
Doubtful I scored here.

Week 3 of NYC Box Lacrosse is in the books! had a double header against Dirt McGirt and the Brooklyn Dodgers and managed to pull out two wins to up the record to 3-1 as the season reaches its midway point.  The Brooklyn Dodgers are also sitting pretty at 3-1 while Dirt McGirt is now 0-4 but managing tight scores every single week.  It’s a small but competitive league and the box action is fast and furious!

NYC box lacrosse ULAX
Cam Kerst facing off for LAS against Kevin Mahony.

A lot of guys are still new to the box game in this league but each week the play gets better and better.  We are seeing less alley dodges and no angle shots and a lot more team play, picks and cuts and goals scored in tight.  The goalies have ALL improved and are making some great stops here and there while racking up a ton of saves on outside shots.  This past weekend we were lucky enough to get some box specific instruction from Patrick Janson and guys are definitely learning the ropes at an exponential rate.  This past weekend LAS even managed to run O and D platoons and effectively use the substitution doors to create fast breaks.  We really ARE learning!

Heck, we’re even scoring Behind The Back goals! Video is best in full screen. Skip ahead to the :20 second mark!  Thanks to keeper Jeff Melnik for the helmet cam footage.  We can’t wait to see the full highlights!

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Behind the back goal- ULax box league GoPro HD”]