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The NYC Report: PSAL Bowl Division Update

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the New York City Report, brought to you by Apple Lacrosse, NYC’s first lacrosse store! Each week Billy Nguyen dives deep into the world of NYC lacrosse and focuses on high school play, college commits, a game of the week, photos, video, and more!

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Welcome to Part 1 of this week’s NYC Report! In Part 1, I will recap the PSAL Boys’ Bowl Division, where the teams currently sit, and who is leading the way. Currently, PSAL teams are on break. There are no games this week coming up, but the action starts back up on April 22nd. The NYC Report still has tons of great content!

Game of the Week – Video

Midwood took down AP Randolph in convincing fashion, 17-9 on Friday. The game was played at Randall’s Island, and AP Randolph came out hot, scoring a couple of nice goals from distance. AP Randolph was up 4-3 after the 1st quarter. Midwood rallied though, and their defense tightened up, and the Hornets outscored their opponents 8-1 in the 2nd quarter, to take an 11-5 lead into the half. Zach Kirkland had 5 goals and 2 assists, and Dylan Epstein had 4 goals and 3 assists, to lead Midwood with 7 points apiece. Kevin Reyes had a team high 8 ground balls.

MidSeason 2014 PSAL Bowl Division Recap

First year varsity program Eagle Academy for Young Men II sits atop the standings with an 8-0 record. It’s worth noting that LAS’ own Connor Wilson volunteers with Eagle Academy. With two big wins over Stuyvesant, and a tight 9-8 comeback win over Midwood, the Eagles are the clear cut #1 team, but are by no means the only team capable of winning the Bowl Division title.

Both Midwood and Stuyvesant currently sit in second place with 5-2 records. Both of Stuyvesant’s losses are to Eagle, while Midwood has lost to Eagle and Stuyvesant. Stuyvesant won that game 16-10, and currently gets the edge for second place because of the head-to-head win, but the teams will meet again on April 28th on Randall’s Island. Midwood’s other games have been easier wins, with the lowest margin of victory set at 8 goals. When Stuyvesant plays a non-Eagle or Midwood team, the results are similar, although Bronx Science gave Stuyvesant a good game early on, which Stuyvesant ended up winning 13-12.

Bronx HS of Science sits in fourth place right now with a 4-2 record. Bronx Science has been strong against AP Randolph, Columbus, and Albert Tuitt, winning each of those games by 4 goals or more. That tight loss to Stuyvesant shows promise, and everyone is looking forward to their games against Midwood, one of which had to be postponed. Bronx Science could be looking up in a big way for the rest of the season.

Albert Tuitt and Columbus both sit at 1-6, while AP Randolph is currently 1-7.  AP Randolph beat Tuitt 10-8, and Tuitt beat Columbus 7-6. Columbus beat AP Randolph 5-3. These teams are competing, currently splitting games between each other, and looking to play spoiler the rest of the way. With the chance to knock off an undefeated Eagle, or change the playoff seedings for Midwood, Stuyvesant, and Bronx Science, expect these three lower rated teams to bring their best efforts.

Eagle PSAL lacrosse

Bowl Division Leading Scorers

The Bowl Division teams usually have a couple of offensive stars, and this means that those players can put up ridiculous numbers. Check out some of the eye-popping stats that these offensive dynamos are producing:

Top 5 Goal Scorers
Noah Kramer – Stuyvesant – 7 games – 55 goals
Kernell Warner – Eagle – 7 games – 28 goals
William Erwin – Bronx Science – 7 games – 24 goals
Dylan Epstein – Midwood – 4 games – 18 goals
Peter Miles – Eagle – 8 games – 18 goals

Top 5 Assist Producers
Johnny Cotton – Eagle – 8 games – 14 assists
Noah Kramer – Stuyvesant – 7 games – 10 assists
Kernell Warner -Eagle – 7 games – 10 assists
Peter Miles – Eagle – 8 games – 10 assists
Roncel Holder – Midwood – 5 games – 9 assists

Top 5 Defenses
Eagle – 8 Games – 3.63 GAA
Bronx Science – 6 games – 6.67 GAA
Stuyvesant – 7 games – 7.14 GAA
Midwood – 5 games – 8.60 GAA
Columbus – 6 games – 9.00 GAA

Eagle PSAL lacrosse

Check back on the New York City Report each week for more great NYC Lacrosse content brought to you by Apple Lacrosse. If you want your program included, PLEASE reach out to us and we will put you in touch with Billy Nguyen… but you probably know him already!Reach out, we would love to have you included. Even just one photo!

For full disclosure, this website’s Publisher, Connor Wilson, volunteers with Eagle Academy. Billy, the author of this series, volunteers with FDA and works at Apple Lacrosse. Billy’s brother currently plays for Lehman.