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Lax Evo Camp: Ocean City, Day 2

JULY 6th!

So when I walked onto the field today the scene resembled the day before, tons of kids on the field, except they weren’t having catches… Instead their attention was drawn to the Bay side of the field.  So I looked down there and I see Ryan Cranston doing some shooting and speed drills… and there is someone else with him, giving orders.

Lax Evo Lacrosse Camps
Time to get Laxy!

Could it be?  Why, Yes it is… Tom Slate, head coach of the Denver Outlaws.  After a while he sees me and calls me down so we can meet face to face.

We chat a bit and then it’s back to business.

I warm up a goalie with my co-counselor Rob (forgot to add him in the counselor roster yesterday. Rob is an up and coming high school player with a lot of skill!), we have the kids do some pair passing, they take a lap, stretch it out and then do some line drills!  Then, despite it being summertime, it’s back to school with coach Slate.

One on one lacrosse camp lax evo
It's time to dodge!
One on one lacrosse camp lax evo
Good form!

He proceeded to give a little to the campers on middie defense. After that the campers got a chance to put this knowledge into action with a little one on one drilling.  We saw some pretty impressive work from the players today in the one on one drills and a shout out to Mike the goalie. He took a hard shot to the knee, took a breather for a few, then walked back into net and had the guts to tell me being a goalie was fun.  Love the love!

After that we had coach buzz(Mike Busza) and Matt Mackrides give the campers a lesson on facing off.  Moves such as the clamp, the jump, the plunger, the rake and the lazer were demonstrated.  Campers then got to participate in a face-off challenge.  The contest was split into three divisions, the hig schoolers, middle schoolers and finally, the young guns, and it was double elimination. The winners would receive Maverik Hats courtesy of Maverik Lacrosse. I was in charge of the little kids group and I must say I was impressed. They all showed plenty of skill in the face off department. Especially mini B who was showing up kids twice his size.

face off lacrosse camp lax evo
It's face off time!

After that we had the middle schoolers have a full field scrim, the older guys got to play some mini lacrosse (they go hard), and the little guys got to have their own scrim. The little even guys even drew a crowd and with good reason. They played with a mini lax ball so Rob and I could step and net and they were ripping some shots. Defenitely knew how to please the crowd.

Lacrosse campers lax evo
All eyes front. Like it!

We ended the day with an autograph session but before we did so, we announced our campers of the day and gave our awards to the winner of the ground ball contest from day one and our face off winners from today. Laxzilla was also on hand to sell a ton of lacrosse swag to any camper who needed to update their wardrobe.

Then kids lined up to get autographs from Tom Slate and Ryan Cranston as well as get their LAS stickers, which kids couldnt get enough of. I’ll have to snag pictures tommorow of our true game growers who decked out their lids in LAS stickers.

Lacrosse campers lax evo autographs
Getting that ink.
LAS stickers at lacrosse camp
LAS with the sticky goods.

But for now here is Marty who wasted no time doing so. Rockin the LAS man and hes got a GTG sticker on the back.

LAS stickers at lacrosse camp helmet collage
That's like a homemade HeadWrapz! Sweet.

Also when I was loading up Cranstons jeep look what I saw. Couldn’t help myself. Sorry Cranston.

Outlaws Lacrosse gloves warrior Ryan Cranston
Outlaws gloves? Want.