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Official Uniforms of Team Now Available!

Team Uniform

New to The Lacrosse Shop, now you can get your hands on the official uniform of Team as seen at both the 2011 Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase and the 2012 Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament.

Team Uniform

Goes great with some GTG laces and helmet stickers!

These high quality uniforms were designed and created by Enigma Apparel. They are fully sublimated in noble purple and red, with the Enigma logo on the left sleeve.

Tops – $45

Team Uniform


Shorts – $35

Team Shorts

Tops and shorts are available in limited supply. Once we run out, they will no longer be available. Pick up your Team top and shorts in The Lacrosse Shop today.

***If you’ve made it this far in the post, we want to reward you for your loyalty. If you purchase the complete uniform, use coupon code TeamLAS at checkout to receive $20 off your order, that’s 25% off the original purchase price!

Team Uniforms

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