Rehab old lacrosse head
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That Old Lacrosse Head: Brine Oz

The Brine Oz is a classic even though it is one of the newest non-offset lacrosse heads out there! Watch me take out the mesh and put in traditional, because that’s what the Brine Oz deserves!

Now, before we get to the actual stringing of the Oz itself, let’s go down memory lane and learn a little more about the Oz, and how it helped create the offset revolution that is the Edge…

Bill Brine ran Brine Lacrosse back when it was still in Massachusetts and was still called W. H. Brine. I actually remember that, and also remember that Brine had a roomful of old ladies in Milford, MA stringing up traditional lacrosse sticks. The Gaits were tearing it up at Cuse at this time, and they were using bent shafts. Brine tried bent shafts first, but then tried to mimic that feel by setting the actual head back and leaving the shaft straight. The first head he tried this with? You guessed it, a Brine Oz. So the first Brine Edge was really an Oz. Kind of cool, right?

When Bill Brine told me this story two years ago at the convention I was smiling ear to ear. I always figured this had to be true, but hearing direct confirmation was just too much!

That Old Lacrosse Head: Brine Oz

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Next week I’ll be fixing up another old lacrosse head and fixing up the pocket, then giving it back to CityLax. What head will I fix up? What head do YOU want to see me fix up? The choices are endless, so speak up and let me know what you want to see!