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Old School: Remembering Fritz Hayes

Jazzy, an LAS reader out in Oregon, sent us this photo from the Lake Oswego Review, which featured Fred “Fritz” Hayes, a true Oregon Game Grower, as one of its important stories from 2012. Fritz was senselessly stabbed, and killed, in his home after returning from a morning walk this past September.

If you don’t know who Fritz is, and was, then we highly recommend that you read Richard Roy’s Tragedy Hits The Oregon Lacrosse Community story. In it, Richard shares some personal stories, and he lets us see just a portion of what made Fritz so special.

Fritz was a giver. He would drive hundreds of miles to ref a game, or give a stick to a kid who needed it. He was a teacher, a community member, and a friend to so many. Keep Fritz’ legacy in mind whenever you Grow the Game, and you know you’ll be doing it right.