On Sale Now In The Lacrosse Shop!

Lacrosse All Stars Logo Hat

We’ve got a bunch of brand new LAS shirts, shorts, hats and socks available now in The Lacrosse Shop!

Take a seat my friends, and check out the pics below! Let’s start out at the top… literally.


We’ve revamped the original LAS Logo hat from last summer with a two-tone model and a new array of colors to choose from. It’ll be hard to buy just one!

LAS Logo Hats
7 new colors, 7 days in a week, coincidence? Never.

LAS Logo Hats – $20



Introducing the Game Grower tee. Just think of it as the older, more dashing brother of the original Grow The Game Tee. Perfect for those times when you need something nice to wear, but still want to represent our sport and GTG.

Grow the game everywhere you go!

Game Grower Tee – $20



The popular (and nicely fitting) LAS Old School Shorts from our Holiday Grab Bags are now for sale, but we’ve only got a few pairs left! Enjoy the clean LAS look with the timeless comfort of the mesh short.

The classic comfort of mesh, with the great look of LAS.

LAS Old School Shorts – $15



The LAS Game socks are back with a fresh new look, all while still keeping your feet the perfect temperature and helping your girlfriend(s) find you from the sidelines. GROW THE GAME!

So fresh and so clean clean!

LAS Game Socks – $10 (or 2 for $18)



We pull out all the stops when it comes to representing our great sport and rocking the LAS brand. Take a look at a couple of the new ways you can support the cause!

First up, we have the LAS Iron-on Patch. With its easy iron-on application, this is the perfect accessory for your backpack, gear bag, and even that classy crewneck sweatshirt you own.

Did somebody say patches?

LAS Iron-On Patch – $3 (or 5 for $12)


Next we have the newest way to string up your favorite wand, the official stringing kit for LAS fans everywhere. LAS and Jimalax have teamed up to provide you with a quality product for a great price.

LAS + Jimalax = Pure Magic

 LAS Stringing Kit – $10


And finally, our newest sticker to add to your collection, the ‘Play Lax’ sticker. Because sometimes to grow the game, you just have to play lax.

Everyone loves stickers.

‘Play Lax’ Sticker – 10 for $5


That’s all for now! Now head on over to The Lacrosse Shop to satisfy that appetite, we can hear your stomach from here.

Got a new product idea for The Lacrosse Shop? Drop us a line at shop@lacrosseallstars.com!