John Grant Jr. NLL Behind the Back One Handed Bounce Goal one hand goal
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Which One Hand Goal Was Better?

Which one hand goal was better? This is question that burns like an eternal flame in my mind, and I NEED to know which goal is better. Yes, they are obviously both amazing, but one has to be better than the other, right?

It’s Cody Jamieson VS John Grant Junior in a fantastic one hand goal competition! Both goals were scored in NLL games last year, and with the season just around the corner, it’s time to declare a winner in this unofficial contest between lacrosse legends.

Cody Jamieson – One Hand Goal

John Grant Jr – One Hand Goal

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Each of these goals is something truly special. Jamieson pinballs his way through the Buffalo Bandits’ defense and eventually just resorts to throwing a one hand rocket of a bounce shot on cage. I’m pretty sure he goes 5 hole, and just makes the entire moment look far too easy.

John Grant Junior seems to employ a more “structured” one hand attempt, but it’s easily just as pretty. He knows what he’s going to do early on, dodges the alley, and then makes the Vancouver Stealth look sort of silly. There is really no defending a pipe shot BTB one handed on the run, is there?

So if you HAD to pick just one of these goals, which one would it be? I can’t make up my mind, and I really need your help. Vote in the comments below to have your voice heard!

More One Hand Goal Action

Jamieson can also score one hand goals in field lacrosse. Not a shocker.

That was beyond ridiculous, right? And so similar to his one hand box goal! AND he’s been doing it since college. Maybe even before…

This Lynchburg College one hander is pretty special too!

Here is a one hander from Biola in the MCLA. Also spicy!

Blake Miller scored a one hander back in 2005 for Team USA!

And then there is this Mark Matthews CLASSIC goal from the MLL:

I wonder if Athan Iannucci saw any of those videos before he tried this one:

I’d still love to see a one hand over the shoulder BTB goal… WHAT? Matt Poskay has done that? Ok then.

Want another BTB option? Rhys Duch answers the call with this gaudy goal…

And here is Ty Thompson doing something similarly silly in a college game…

Kevin Crowley scores a one hander off a Casey Powell feed:

Ok, I am sure there are more great lacrosse one hand goal videos out there, but these are definitely some of the best! If you’ve got a good one we didn’t use, drop us a note and link in the comments and tell us which goal is your favorite!!!