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One More Rep with Megan Douty

Ever been in the gym and thought, “just one more rep, one more set, one more time”? Personally, I think about finishing my workout as quick as possible, but not Megan Douty and Lauren Lea.

Lauren Lea, who plays in the WPLL and is an ECD athlete, know that the extra rep, extra lift, extra mile will go along way. That’s her philosophy and she’s ready to show off others who feel the same way. Her series One More Rep Mindset shadows top women’s athletes in the sport of lacrosse and finds out just how hard these professionals work their bodies and minds in order to compete at the highest level.

Episode one spotlights Megan Douty. Her lacrosse career accolades probably wouldn’t fit on just one webpage. Douty is a Maryland Terps alum and currently on the US Women’s National Team roster. She has a National Defender of the Year award to her name along with two NCAA national championship rings. What a way to kick off a series!

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I asked Lea, what’s the main goal behind this series? Her response:

Visibility is what I hope this series can bring to the lacrosse community. In today’s society, access to athletes is at the click of a button with social media, so I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity to push lacrosse to a higher level.

We are looking forward to seeing who she brings on next to feature on One More Rep!