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One Slippery Game of Box Lacrosse

ULax’s NYC box lacrosse league is going strong throughout the Winter, and we played this past weekend even though the sport court floor we use was just a little wet and slippery. Lots of guys fell over (as in everyone fell at least once), we got the games in, and had some fun. Now you get to see us slip and fall all over the place, because why not? and the Gotham Goats both sit at 3-1 now, with the Goats taking the head-to-head win. The Brooklyn Dodgers sit at 2-2, and Team America is still winless at 0-4. There is one week of regular season play left, and then we get to the playoffs! It’s all happening…


After the game, we stayed in the City and messed around, doing some stick tricks and stopping by the Apple Lacrosse store on 147 W35th Street.