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lacrosse face off kiddie best
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Open Thread: Who Is The Best Face-Off Mid of All Time?

There have been a lot of top notch face-off taking midfielders over the years, and picking one is going to be tough, but we firmly believe our readers are up to the challenge!!!!  Originally, I was going to run through the top guys in mind and then see what you had to say, but this time around, I want your input FIRST!!!  I know a thing or two about face offs, but I think some of our readers out there might know a whole lot more!!!

lacrosse face off kiddie best
Let's get to it!

Here are some things to think about:

– What makes a GREAT face off guy?  Lots of moves?  Consistency?

– Do you like a pure FoGo like Alex Smith or Chris Eck?  

– Are you looking for a guy that can do it all like Kyle Harrison or Justin Tuma?

– Have you considered older players like Paul Cantabene?

– Where do International players like Geoff Snider (Canada) or Matt Schomburg (Australia) fit in?

So while the question is simple, the answer may be quite complex!  Give us at least two to three sentences on

Who Is The Best Face-Off Mid Of All Time?