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OT done the right way

Did you check out the ’09 edition of the NHL All-Star game played up in Montreal? Perusing through the boobtube last night I saw the 12-11 final and was surprised that it was such a high scoring affair. Aren’t hockey games supposed to be 3-2? The best part was that there was actually a winner.  After ending in an 11 to 11 tie and a scoreless OT, they went to a shootout won by the East Team.

NHL shootouts might be the most exciting overtime in sports and to have one in an All-Star game was incredible.  Nothing like the DUMB rule in the NFL where some teams never even get to play offense.

 I did some digging and found out that that this double-digit score isn’t the norm but also isn’t unheard of in an NHL All-Star game.

12-11! Did they pick All-Stars at every position but goalie and defense?

The NHL has a lot of problems but it’s nice to see that SOME All-Star games think ties are like kissing your sister… I hope Bud Selig was watching!Tie game? I love it! Sounds just like tee ball. Orange slices for both teams and everybody wins!