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Pat Spencer To Play Year Of College Basketball

Stadium, the online sports publication, is reporting that Pat Spencer will delay entering professional lacrosse for at least a year for the chance to play a year of college basketball.

Jeff Goodman reported in his article published today in Stadium that Spencer was planning on using his final year of NCAA eligibility to play a season of college basketball.

Spencer was named a finalist for the 2019 Tewaaraton Award, one of five male lacrosse players to do so.

It has been well-documented that Spencer is a fantastic basketball player. In Goodman’s article, multiple basketball players that played collegiately or professionally have complimented Spencer on his hooping ability.

“I know I can play anywhere. I’ve never had to sell myself, so this has been a weird process. I don’t enjoy this, having to sell myself, but I really believe I can play anywhere. It’s been a little frustrating,” Spencer told Stadium.

Pat Spencer also excelled in the Annapolis Summer Basketball League, where he earned the honor of MVP. Spencer also averaged 19 points in the Brunson League last summer.

Spencer will delay entering professional lacrosse for at least one year. The rights to Spencer will still remain with the Archers Lacrosse Club which drafted him in the PLL while Spencer plays basketball for this upcoming season. The Chesapeake Bayhawks own the rights to Spencer in the MLL, being drafted by the team in first-round. Based on Spencer’s decision to pursue pro lacrosse in the future, he would be expected to go to either of those franchises.

“That money will still be there for him in a year,” said ESPN lacrosse analyst and former Johns Hopkins goalkeeper Quint Kessenich. “I’ve got a feeling he loves basketball more than lacrosse, and he realizes he’s got one shot. So, why not take a shot at it?”

Word had spread of Spencer’s decision late yesterday and into today, as multiple outlets have been reporting Spencer would use his final year of eligibility to play hoops.

It is yet to be determined where Spencer will play college basketball. One thing is for certain, it should be fun watching Pat Spencer show his athleticism on the hardwood wherever he is able to land in his final season of NCAA athletics eligibility.

Read the full article on Stadium here.

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