Paul Dawson Lacrosse Selfie
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Paul Dawson: Never Too Angry For A Selfie

One second 6’5″ 225lb. Paul Dawson of the Rochester Knighthawks is letting his fists fly, and the next he’s taking the ultimate lacrosse selfie with a fan! Anyone familiar with Dawson’s reputation in the National Lacrosse League wouldn’t be too surprised about this. He’s the same guy who took down an alleged pervert back in 2013.

For Dawson, life in the NLL hasn’t exactly been all about rainbows and butterflies…






The fight before the selfie:

What’s your take?

What’s your on fighting in the National Lacrosse League? Should a player get fined for fighting? For taking a selfie with a fan after? Mark Donahue shared some interesting thoughts on fighting a few weeks ago and Connor Wilson, our resident lacrosse yoda, has been spitting hot fire about this very topic for years. Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think about this controversial topic.