Shooting Speed Matt Wolfe Lacrosse pitt
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Paul Rabil Takes Matt Wolfe Under His Gigantic Wing

Superhuman lacrosse player, Paul Rabil, has selected Matt Wolfe, a Pitt lacrosse player from Rochester, NY, as his mentoring partner. Rabil will work with Wolfe throughout the year, and while the exact parameters haven’t been set, we’re very interested to see how this turns out.

Shooting Speed Matt Wolfe Lacrosse pitt
Letting it rip!

The supply of knowledge and guidance can be a huge difference maker in the development of any player, and PR99’s skill set here should prove invaluable. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how this project turns out, but for now watch the video by Nathan Osche, to get a great feel for how the selection process went down.

You know why we think this could really work? Because while Rabil is a monster right now, in his opening speech, he notes how at one point he realized, “Wow, I am so far away from where I think I am.” This kind of introspective realization is key for development of self, and it should also help PR be an excellent teacher and mentor.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted with more as this develops. If this all goes well, we just might have our next Connor Martin – Brian Langtry story going on… and that wouldn’t be bad for the game one bit.

Someday, Will Matt Wolfe also be one of The 10 Best MLL Players Who Didn’t Play D1 Lacrosse?