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PBLA Team Logo Reveal: Part 1

The Professional Box Lacrosse Association (PBLA), an American based box lacrosse league aimed at recapturing the beauty that was lacrosse in the 1990’s, is releasing their team logos this week.

PBLA Logo Drop : Part 1

Previously the league had released the team locations before entering a multi-week competition to determine the names of the teams. Those team locations and names are as follows.

Binghamton, NY

Charlotte, NC

Elmira, NY

Hampton, VA

New England

Syracuse, NY

Trenton, NJ

Today the first four PBLA logos were released and we must admit, we are impressed! The primary logos are really good but I’m already a huge fan of many of the secondary logos as well. Each one is inspired by the region and identity that the team has or is trying to build. Below we have the four logos that dropped today with some quick comments.

Logo Drop

Hampton Hammerheads

Binghamton Bombers

Charlotte Bootleggers

Trenton Terror


My favorite primary logo in the group has to be the shadowy figure in the Terror logo. As much as I love the logo I don’t think it’s perfect either, as the words “Trenton” and “Terror” lack a touch of synergy with the amazing figure.

Best Secondary Logo

The secondary logos for the Charlotte Bootleggers are a personal favorite. Clean, easy to read, will look great on apparel, and instantly relatable to the teams name.

The Rest

The Binghamton Bombers logo is also clean, gives a lot of Top Gun vibes, but it lacks the edginess of the other three options.

The Hammerheads logo work is clean, the Hammerhead Shark itself is beautiful, my only gripe is that the word “Hampton” being in grey makes it difficult to read, but that’s really nitpicking.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned until Wednesday when the other three logos are released along with some juicy details about the league.

For more about the PBLA visit www.pbla.com or @watchpbla on Twitter.