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peninsula lacrosse club
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Peninsula LC (PLC) – Lax Fed Club Spotlight

plc peninsula lacrosse clubName: Peninsula Lacrosse Club (PLC)
Location: Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Founded: 2013
Focus: Grades 2-12, Boys – Travel/Development
Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Without stepping back to reflect every now and then, it’s too easy to overlook our successes, big and small. For Ricky Schwartzberg and Tim Berquist, the past five years have probably seemed like they’ve blown right by. It makes sense for a group that put together a travel lacrosse team for Schwartzberg’s son and friends to get a little fun and exercise in the summer, that has now become a total of 10 teams going into year six. The growth speaks for itself, but the accomplishments on and off the field is something the group can stay grounded by.

Lacrosse’s roots run deep in Maryland, that’s no secret. But too often do some programs only focus on a single aspect of the game, early specialization, or fielding elite super teams. Near Annapolis, the game can be overlooked at times when compared to Baltimore and DC, but the talent and traditions are as rich as you can find anywhere. Out on the peninsulas, lacrosse is alive and booming, but with a different vibe from the rest of the state. This has allowed Schwartzberg and Berquist to build a footing with the Peninsula Lacrosse Club, PLC as they’re commonly referred, to do things a little differently. It almost seems part commonsense and part caring. PLC maximizes the focus on family time and the delicate balance of athletics with family, school, and the real world.

peninsula lacrosse clubFreedom, flexibility, and focus are instilled amongst the athletes and the results are proving themselves. Numbers are growing, players are returning, and games are being won.

If the example of their 2020 Gold group tells us anything, it’s the model is working. It’s hard not to argue that the 2020 Gold team has become one of the top teams of their age bracket in the US. Cultivated and grown organically since 2014, this team has gone on to recently become the champions of the PSL Premiere Series Box League in Baltimore, Trilogy Gettysburg, LaxFed Summer Invitational, and Victory Fall Invitational.

It’s not just a fluke year either, the 2023 Gold boys are following in the footsteps with a big championship at Trilogy Baltimore of their own.

peninsula lacrosse club

Good things are coming, but the leadership is remaining humble. Because of Schwartzberg and Berquist’s experiences coaching and playing at the prep and collegiate levels, they have worked to guide student-athletes down the right paths for decades. This was just another natural progression in the lives of these community leaders and they just want to pass those values down to the next generations. When asked what the biggest honor PLC could achieve, Schwartzberg’s answer was simple,

“To continue to grow and earn the trust and confidence of the families we provide the club for.”

And when asked the major goals for PLC’s next five years, the answer remained as true as ever…

“Continue to provide a fun and educational experience, keeping healthy numbers to field competitive rosters.”

From putting lacrosse sticks into young hands for the first time through their Scooper’s Academy, to preparing young men for deciding their next major steps in life, PLC is solidifying its place as a backbone of the youth lacrosse movement in and around Anne Arundel County. They’re also proud of their unique relationship with the US Naval Academy, which allows them exclusive access to their facilities, including the famous Navy Marine Corps Stadium. Adding to their programing, they added a box program that now has over 100 boys competing in it.

Impressive stuff for five years. PLC is growth in action and we can’t wait to see where they go in five more.

Editor’s Note: Peninsula LC is the third member of the Lax Fed to get the spotlight treatment on! We will continue covering all of the Lax Federation teams, showing off some of the brightest and best organizations around the country. Check out our last spotlights, focusing on Wasatch LC from Utah and Frog Lacrosse out of Minnesota!

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