Penn State Lacrosse Vs. Notre Dame 2/27

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame
Pre-game lineups

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame

Enter Penn State.

Editor’s Note: Welcome Jimmy Ciccone back to LAS!  He’s got a great first hand report on the Penn State – Notre Dame lacrosse game from last weekend.  Take it away, Jimmy!



This past Saturday, February 26th, was State Patty’s which celebrates the Irish tradition of St. Patty’s Day with a Penn State twist, but come Sunday the Irish became our enemies and it was back to business as Penn State took on #3 Notre Dame in non-conference play.

The stands were packed before the game with parents, students and fans anxious to get a glimpse of what the season holds. As you know, Jeff Tambroni has taken over what was a subpar program the past few years. As Penn State took the field, you could feel the excitement and soon to follow was Notre Dame, with one of their players playing bag pipes (got to admit that was pretty cool considering it pertained to their schools culture and seems fitting with the name “Fighting Irish”).

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame

Follow the 'Piper...

The Irish scored early but Penn State really showed their determination this game. The fans were very willing to show their support and excitement throughout the game with various chants and knowledgeable game play talk (some of these lax moms really know what they’re talking about!).

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame

Penn State on D.

Throughout the game, the Nittany Lions defense proved their skill holding the game to a score of 3-2 with Notre Dame leading before the start of the 4th quarter. Much of that credit can also be attributed to Penn State’s freshmen goalie Austin Kaut. He made crucial saves throughout the game despite having a barrage of shots thrown at him. (Notre Dame had 42 shots on the day).

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame

Solid D pressure from ND.

One of the big reasons for Notre Dame coming out on top with the victory was their ability to ride. Notre Dame made sure the Nittany Lions felt their presence on the clears and were able to make Penn State turn over the ball frequently before it could even get past the mid line. Penn State did also show some problems with just passing the ball and attacking the net but it’s still early in the season.

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame

PSU had a tough go against Ridgeway and Co.

If this team keeps working hard I believe they have a very successful season ahead of them. This is what many fans have been waiting for, a solid Penn State lacrosse team who shows the skill and ability to be a threat and possibly have the shot at an NCAA run. As I said before, the Nittany Lions held the Fighting Irish to a score of 3-2 before the 4th quarter, it wasn’t until the 4th that things went downhill.

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame

Pre-game lineups

To do that to a team ranked third in the nation this early in the season is very encouraging of things to come.  With Tambroni at the helm keep an eye out for the Nittany Lions to make their presence felt this season.

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame

Great warm up shot of PSU.

For official recap of the game click on the hyper link below.

Official Game Recap

To watch a little highlight video, just click play!

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