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Photo Of The Week!

This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Glenn Carter, head coach of the University of Richmond’s Men’s Lacrosse Team.  He sent the photos over so we could take a look at their uniforms, but this shot just really stood out to us, so we picked it!  Olé!

The photo is part of a set by Jeffrey Nielson on Zenfolio.  Really nice work, Jeffrey!

University of Richmond Lacrosse
Form is key.

(Editor’s note: Coach Carter – you just won your team Grow The Game stickersEmail us your mailing address!)


This week’s HM goes to Josh “Chewy” Acut, not for the photo, but for the custom sticker work.  That’s just creative right there.  And yes, those are carbon fiber patterned stickers he cut out himself.  To borrow the parlance of Massachusetts, “that’s wicked pissah”.  Well done sir!

star power.

(Editor’s Note: Josh, you haven’t run out of LAS stickers yet, right?  Hit Connor up for something else!)

Thanks all for submitting!  Now remember, if you SEE something, SAY something!