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This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Patrick Boyd! A great photo of a Washington High School lacrosse between Eastlake and Issaquah.

#8 with the DredFlow is Cooper Rosenthal of Eastlake High School
#21 on defense is Kole Lindor of Issaquah High School (A close look reveals that Kole’s also sporting the #17 Tyler Lucas Memorial eyeblack).

Washington High School lacrosse
That can't be categorized as Flow, can it?

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photo of the week sunglasses
A special pair of shades.


The HM goes to Nathan Haas for this goalie smack-down original. Here’s the note we received from Nathan:

I know you like showing goalies in your Photo of the Week. How about a photo of one getting laid out? Great form. Legal hit. Attached is the photo, as well as the link to the full gallery. Take a look at the build up of the hit. Starting here. Enjoy!

Big Lacrosse Goalie Hit
Yowza - That's gotta sting!

(Editor’s note: Nathan Haas, you just got yourself some LAS Stickers! Hit us up at [email protected]!)


Rocky Statue Lax All Stars Sticker

Special thanks to Bebe Brunelle for capturing this awesome photo!

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