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Man Bro Bro Man Sunglasses Photo of the Week
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Photo Of The Week!

Editor’s note: The Photo of the Week is now sponsored by Man Bro Bro Man Sunglasses! Every week one lucky winner will get a free pair of sweet sweet shades!

This week’s Photo of the Week is going to be a little different and the winner of the awesome shades will be decided by you, the people!  We’ve selected five of the submissions we received and in order for them to win, YOU have to approve of their photo.  All you have to do is vote in the poll!  If you really like a photo feel free to drop a comment.  That will only help your choice’s chances!

Each photo below has a number so sound off in the poll with who should be the winner!  All ties and unforeseen circumstance will be decided and dealt with by Lax All Stars.  Now help someone win super cool sunglasses!

Winner gets these!!!

Some of these photos would have made solid caption contests… hmm. Maybe next week!

Lacrosse Photo
Lacrosse Photo
Lacrosse Photo
Lacrosse Photo
Lacrosse Photo

Cast your vote here:

Photo of the Week: YOU PICK!online surveys