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Thai lax girls
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Photo Of The Week!

This week’s Photo of the Week comes from our new friend Prantarit Nerngchamnong, Director of the Thailand Lacrosse Association. THIS IS HIS BACKYARD!

Here’s the note we got from P:

Here is a picture of my backyard I turned into my “lacrosse training ground” with a full size cage, with a 10 foot tall back up net and night-time flood lights on all four corners of the field. On top of that, I have the wall-ball station with the team mascot on it.

How freaking cool is that? Seriously. This game is spreading. We love it. We love it so much LAS is beginning to plan a trip to Thailand next summer. Yup, it’s on!


Thai ladies love lax too!!!

Thai lax girls

Got the perfect pic for next week’s Photo Of The Week? If you see something, say something.