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Cascade Lacrosse
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Photo of the Week: Cascade Matte Blacks

By now we have all seen Cascade’s newest matte black offering, which was released in a major way during the 2013 US Lacrosse Convention, but then Cascade went the extra mile this week and photographed it in a pristine winter setting of snow and ice. Did we mention it was also black and white?

Cascade Lacrosse

Wow. There is something extra special about this helmet in black and white. Cascade released the above picture on their Facebook page, but that wasn’t even our favorite picture. The one below was released on Cascade’s Instagram and just took things to the next visual level.

Cascade Lacrosse

We want to blow the picture up and put it up on our wall. As if the matte black wasn’t good enough by itself, add in the texture and contrasting color from the snow with the water droplets on top of the helmet and it just sends this one over the top.

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