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Photo of the Week: High School

This week’s POTW comes to us from some coast to coast action, we received several AWESOME game photos from high school match-ups around the nation and decided to feature a few of them as our Photo of the Week!

Marlo Karp – NJ Riots Lacrosse

Talk about tip-toeing the crease! That’s a great action shot right there, love the effort by both the goalie and the attackman.


Joe Richter – Oregon

Joe Richter, who won last week’s POTW, stopped by again with this fantastic shot through the goal of a sweet jumping effort by the Churchill HS player.


The picture is of a JV player, Griffin Weinhold of Churchill HS in Eugene, Oregon. Joe said the player took an amazing left sliding airborne shot to nail a goal just above the Marist HS Goalie’s right shoulder. WOW! We’re impressed, would have loved to see film of the shot. #SCTop10

As if that wasn’t enough, Joe went the extra mile and put together an enhanced version of the shot so you can see Griffin better through the net. I hope someone has blown this up so Griffin can stick it on his wall. So sick.


If your photo gets chosen for our Photo of the Week, we’ll hook you up with your very own Prize Pack courtesy of the The Lacrosse Shop. To submit your photo, simply click the link and send it in to us!