Photos: Chapman Takes Down Utah And Loses To BYU But It’s All Good, Brah.

Chapman Utah Lacrosse
Talk about a beautiful backdrop. Sheesh.

Chapman had a crazy weekend of action lined up when they took on Utah and then BYU on consecutive nights.  On the 25th they took down Utah 10-9 in a hard fought game and on the 26th, they played BYU and lost 14-12.  That’s a tough back to back slate of games for any team and I applaud Chapman for accepting the risk of losing to BYU just to make sure they could get the games in.

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

Talk about a beautiful backdrop. Sheesh.

Not every team is willing to play tough games back to back (although many MCLA teams do).  Such willingness tells me that whoever scheduled the games knows two things: 1) Chapman will need to be able to play back to back tough games in Denver.  Better get used to it now.  2) the scheduler has confidence in their team and in their players.

No matter how good or bad people thought Utah would be in 2011, scheduling them before BYU was gutsy.  BYU is the kind of team I would want to prep for, and I would want at least 2-3 days of pure BYU work leading up to it.  But Chapman didn’t seem to care.  They said, “whatever man” and just played.  I like that.  It’s confidence.  And even with the loss to the Cougars, it can’t be undervalued.

Utah still intrigues me.  They seem to be RIGHT THERE! but still just a little off.  This can happen when a team starts to dig themselves out of a hole.  Utah needed to learn how to really compete first, and it looks like 2011 will accomplish that goal.  In 2012, I’d expect them to stop competing, and start winning.  And no, I’m not talking about games they should win.  I’m talking about games with teams like Chapman and BYU.  If Utah can keep this momentum going, they can continue to improve and then they will really make their mark on the MCLA.

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

White, Red and Black vs. well, White Red and Black.

For now, we’ve got photos.  Lots of ’em!  As usual, Victoria Harris of All American Shots has delivered the goods when it comes to MCLA lax in action out West.  She consistently takes fantastic game photos of these teams and we’d like to thank here and AA Shots for helping us spread the MCLA love to the LaxAllStars Nation!  These kids are balling!

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

Chapman Utah Lacrosse

Chapman Utah Lacrosse



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  • 1: Word on the street is Chapman is protesting the officiating in the BYU game (Does not surprise me at all, after watching some early contests at BYU and both the Utah and BYU games vs Colorado, the Utah officiating was extremely biased an poor. Interested to see where the protest goes.

    2: That aside, BYU and Utah is a very good teams. BYU is obviously good and Utah is a top ten team , but the officiating in some of there contests could have had a huge impact on scores so far this season.

    • Watching the game from the stands, the game included a 3 man down and 2-3 two man down situations for Chapman. some of these penalties included a 2 minute bench penalty when the Chapman coach was asking about the safety of his players after one was literally body slammed by a BYU player in front of the bench, a slash on a player going for a GB with his stick in two hands on the ground going for the ball and a slash on a player that just shot (on his follow through). Chapman even had a shot that ripped a ball sized hole in the back of the net. The refs didn’t even think of calling it a call even though every chapman player on the field (who saw the net move like we did from the stands) was going nuts. When they inspected the net, it had a huge hole where the ball went through. In Div I games I have seen this year, the refs have called that a goal after inspection. Not these guys.
      You can never blame a loss on refs, but you should never have to play the other team AND the officials. Watching all three refs drive off in cars with big BYU stickers after just made things even better.

        • head ref and one other leaving certainly did. By the way, this is not to detract from BYU. They have a dangerous offense that knows how to score. I have no idea how they got rolled by Michigan that badly. This is a very good team.

          • It wasn’t as one sided as you make it. How about the 3 minute stick penalty on BYU when the ref went to demonstrate that the ball wouldn’t come out, and it came right out, yet there was still a 3 minute call.

            Utah refs are terrible, but they are terrible both ways. In fact, in most games there is a an obvious anti-byu bias from two refs that don’t make secrets they don’t like BYU and call the game accordingly.

  • Bad news about 2012 Utah. They are riding an incredibly strong senior class this year. They will have a huge drop off next year. There isn’t very much young talent on the roster. This year is their chance to break into the tournament, and that’s not looking like it’s going to happen.

    When they lose Manning, Polytika, and company it’s back to the drawing board for Utah.

  • I go to both Utah and BYU games and I constantly feel bad for their opponents because of how poor the refs are. The bigger issue is that these refs are the best ones in Utah….poor high school games.

  • The net didn’t move…it was easy to see it was a goal from the stands because of the angle, but the net didn’t move. In any case, the ball doesn’t lie. Chapman received the ball after the net was fixed and scored about 20 seconds later. The refs are indeed terrible but were equally terrible for both teams.

    • I hope the film of this is released. no question it was a goal. Shot from center right above the cage, goalie goes down to make the save and all of the sudden the ball is going out at X directly behind the center of the cage. how many 3 or 2 man down’s did BYU have? the refs are bad, yes, very bad. Did BYU get some bad calls, for sure. But the majority of calls, most certainly the worst of it, went towards Chapman. where it was a push or hold for BYU, it was almost always a slash for Chapman. The play ons for the faceoffs were a complete mess. Defensive players find it especially hard to play when they think every bit of contact will lead to a penalty, like it’s a damn basketball game. Pretty much the same in the Utah game the night before. If anyone has the stats of penalties for visiting teams against BYU and Utah compared to home penalties from this year, it would certainly be worth looking at to see if there is a pattern.

      • Anyone who thinks the refs give BYU any preferential treatment in Utah are fooling themselves and have not seen very many BYU games.

        The times that Chapman went 2 men down they were both obvious penalties. The call on the coach was made, and I could see from the bleachers that he was 10 feet on the field in the middle of the game. Regardless of what he was yelling that the ref missed, that’s a flag, and when he wouldn’t get off the field, it was another flag. The flags that were thrown deserved to be thrown for the most part, the non-calls is where I felt the majority of the fan were getting frustrated.

        As for the shot that went through, the ONLY person on the field who made a gesture that it went it was the attackman at X. Not the crowd, not the chapman bench, if it did go it nobody but him saw it.

        There were some very bad calls (both ways) Saturday night, but it’s ignoring Chapman’s lack of discipline to blame every penalty from the weekend on the Utah refs. They throw a lot of checks, a lot of risky checks, and when they don’t land them they are slashes. Not saying they should change their style, but they are going to get flags in any state when you play that way.

      • About the stats with penalty times, this was the first game that BYU has served less penalty time than their opponent at home this year. Sorry for the blown conspiracy.

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