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D3 winners
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Picking D3 Winners: Tyler Vs Connor

Connor Wilson and I are picking D3 Winners for the NCAA D3 tourney! First round games are played on May 11th, so Connor and I make our quick predictions. We’ll back before the next round to recap who picked more games correctly, and make predictions on the next round.

It’s an RIT alum Vs a Wesleyan alum, for all the picking marbles.

Picking D3 Winners: Tyler Vs Connor

May 11th – Opening Round D3 Games

RIT vs John CarrollCW: RIT, duh. NEXT! TR: Don’t see how John Carroll keeps this one within 15. Tigers move on.

RPI vs AmherstCW: Amherst because of my NESCAC bias and because they should be motivated by their early NESCAC exit. TR: Got a chance to see RPI live against RIT in the Liberty League Finals. Amherst in a close one.

Midd vs SpringfieldCW: See previously admitted NESCAC bias. Pride is on the line, so I’m picking for pride, but against the Pride. You know what I mean. Midd to win. TRMiddlebury in a closer than anticipated matchup. Another NESCAC in the field of 16.

St. Lawrence vs NECCW: St. Lawrence all the way. TR: SLU doesn’t want to slip up like they did against RPI. SLU big.

Salisbury vs CatholicCW: Salisbury by a large margin. TR: Football score here. Salisbury 24 Catholic 3.

Colorado College vs WhittierCW: LOVE this Western game. Sooooooo good for NCAA D3 Men’s Lacrosse. Colorado College has won two games against Whittier this year, but beating a good team 3 times is tough. Whittier in the upset. TR: Agree wholeheartedly with Connor here… that this is a great matchup between two western teams! The committee has to be pumped. I’ll take Colorado College since I am biased to Colorado.

Albion vs AuroraCW: Aurora in a tight one. TR: I’ll take Aurora, with a side of revenge, in this game.

Denison vs CarthageCW: Denison. That’s all I have to say about that. TR: Denison, no questions asked. Statement game, and setting the tone for whoever they play next.

Ithaca vs MorrisvilleCW: Ithaca in a no brainer. TRBombsquad over the Ponies by 16.

Keene State vs Montclair StateCW: This might be the best first round game anywhere on the big board. Keene State in a one goal win. TR: Two teams that have hovered around the 15-30 range all year. Going with Keene State in a nail biter, but wouldn’t be shocked if MSU pulls it out.

WNEU vs CortlandCW: Cortland, I think? I’ll go with Cortland. For me, this is another awesome game and a toss up. TR: Toss up! My gut is saying Cortland because of NCAA experience, but I am going with my brain. WNEU moves on!

Tufts vs EmmanuelCW: Tufts. NEXT! TR: See Salisbury vs. Catholic score, and replace with Tufts vs. Emmanuel. Another NESCAC moves on.

Gettysburg vs LynchburgCW: On paper Gburg wins by 3-4 goals. I’ll stick with them to win, but the margin could be a lot tighter. TR: Bullets edge out a Hornets team that many don’t think should be here. Myself being one of them.

Stevenson vs CabriniCW: Cabrini looks a little better tested as of late. I’ll go Cabrini. TR: Best game of the first round in my opinion. Just to disagree with Connor here, I’ll go with the Mustangs.

W&L vs SewaneeCW: W&L for the win. TR: No brainer – W&L.

York vs EasternCW: York wins this one. TR: York advances.

There you have it! We disagree on Stevenson/Cabrini, Cortland/WNEU, and Colorado College/Whittier. The rest we agree on, even if we’re not so sure about the outcome. Who’s getting more games correct this week? Who knows! Next week it will only get tougher!