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Picking Out Gear With Indiana Lacrosse

Last time, I wrote about 365 days with Indiana Lacrosse. For my second Indiana Lacrosse blog post I wanted to continue to show everybody what the club experience is like, so this time, I chose to show you the gear we got this year. It also serves as a chance to give you an idea of where some of our annual players dues go. Picking out gear is certainly a fun part of playing in the MCLA!

Of course, not all of our dues go to gear… Hotel rooms, bus trips, field time, referees, and even some meals on the road are covered by our dues as well, but that’s a little hard to show off in photo form!

Once again, I just want to remind everyone that this is only representative of how Indiana University lacrosse spends our money. Other teams may do things differently, but this is how our program runs.

Picking Out Gear With Indiana Lacrosse

This is our second year with Under Armour as our main equiptment sponsor and I have to say they really stepped it up this year. Some of the guys were skeptical last year when we learned we would be playing in Under Armour gloves and elbow pads, but once everything got broken in, there was nothing but smiles and compliments. The apparel was top of the line as well, like you would expect from a company like Under Armour.

Unfortunately, last year we had some issues with the size of the font on the shirts and sweatshirts, which was ultimately our own fault. And just like every year, we had a hard time finding a consistent color red to match throughout. That seems to be a running theme for our program, and a lot of other teams out there. Sourcing things from different places can make true color matching difficult.

This year, we stayed away from red apparel, and I think this is our best batch yet. Everything looks very professional and the grey, white, and black colors ensure that we won’t be wearing four shades of red at once.

The gloves we got this year also seem to be a little more flexible and breathable than last year’s model, so everyone was pretty happy about that. On top of the performance, I know a lot of guys like the predominantly white gloves as opposed to last year’s red.

IMG_2063 picking out gear iulax IMG_2064

We also had the option this year to purchase custom Epoch shafts through our team store. I tend to stay away from expensive shafts, but I’ve only heard good things about Epoch shafts so I figured I would pull the trigger this year and buy one.


I have to say I’m impressed with the grip and how light it is. I’ve practiced with it the last two weeks and have absolutely no complaints. That’s a theme this year. No complaining.

Here is some of the other stuff we got, from team bags to helmets!

IMG_2069 IMG_2080 IMG_2079 IMG_2072

Last but not least, I wanted to add that I’m in no way a paid spokesman of Under Armour or Epoch. I think Under Armour may have some deal with the MCLA, but I haven’t seen a dollar of that contract, so all of my opinions are based on my actual experience with our gear thus far. Although if either company would like to cut me a check for this blog, please feel free to contact me! I’m a college man, I could use the extra dollars in my pocket.