Team Spain lacrosse
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Play U19 Lacrosse For Spain!

Editor’s Note: Do you want to play U19 Lacrosse for Spain this Summer in the 2016 FIL U19 World Championships? If you meet certain criteria you may be able to play for their national team, as the program is still looking for a couple players to round out their roster!

See below for some info on the U19 Spanish National Team, and how you might be able to take part in Spain’s first ever U19 Lacrosse team. I’ve often said that for the game to grow, other countries needed to make a better effort at developing their U19 players. It looks like Spain Lacrosse is taking this step!


Spain U19 Lacrosse – Call for Players

In preparation for the 2016 European Championships and the U19 World Championships the Spanish National Lacrosse Team held open tryouts last Fall in Madrid, Spain. Over fifty players from around the country traveled to Madrid for the chance to represent their country this summer.

“Spanish Lacrosse has made some huge strides since the 2014 World Championships,” stated Men’s Head Coach Luke Christiansen. “The emergence of a strong core of young players is by far the most exciting development.”

U19 lacrosse spain Tryouts

“Clubs around the country have done a great job of developing young talent. We are more athletic than we’ve been in the past, and are beginning to play a style of lacrosse that fits the personnel available in Spain.”

Tryouts were held over two weekends, and largely focused on player development. Every player in attendance received one on one coaching, and an individual development plan.

“Having two separate camps allowed our coaching staff the opportunity to really get to know our players,” added Coach Christiansen. “ Over the six days we were really able to hone in on player development that had been brushed over in the past.”

Goalie Coach Jordan Sorensen will be conducting monthly practices in preparation for the summer, while he completes his MBA program in Madrid.

U19 lacrosse spain Tryouts

Here is the roster the U19 players that participated in the tryouts and have been selected to play at the World Championships.

Francisco ANDRES TORRES a Madrid Lacrosse

Juan LARREA OCHOA a College of London

Alvaro LOPEZ SENDRA M Sevilla Lacrosse

Connor CINQUEGRANA FOGO/D Mid Phillips Exeter

Diego LARRAZ RAMIREZ M/A Madrid Lacrosse

Ricardo MOLINER FARJAS M/A Madrid Lacrosse

Pablo RODRIGUEZ ROMERO M Sevilla Lacrosse

Carlos Mario GONZALEZ GONZALEZ M Montes Lacrosse

Carlos RODIL GONZALEZ M Sevilla Lacrosse

Lucas SANZ CARBONELL M Arcas Lacrosse

Iñigo DE LA TORRE LOPEZ D Montes Lacrosse

Martín ARANGUREN RODRIGUEZ D Madrid Lacrosse

Joaquin SALIDO CASTILLA D Sevilla Lacrosse

Juan NEVES FONSECA LSM/D Montes Lacrosse

Guillermo REPETTO DEL PESO G Sevilla Lacrosse

The U19 Spanish National Team is still accepting player applications for the World Games. We welcome applications from all players with Spanish heritage to participate with the U19 team. Players with a parent or grandparent from Spain are encouraged to apply. Please contact Coach Christiansen at or Spain Lacrosse President Alberto Diaz at