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PLL Announces Offseason Trade and Free Agency Windows

Premier Lacrosse League fans have had questions on when exactly the offseason window opens up for trades and player acquisitions. This is the first PLL offseason since the implementation of publicly known player contracts that was announced nearly a year ago. Similar to other professional sports leagues, the PLL now has contract negotiations that teams have to considered when the offseason hits. Multiple teams have star players on expiring contracts whereas other teams like the Chaos look to have an entirely new roster come next season.

Today, the PLL announced the structure of the current offseason and when certain windows will open and close.

Trade Window (October 26 – December 2, 2022)

On October 26th the trade window will open for all eight clubs. All eight teams will be able to trade players (including those on expiring contracts) and draft picks through December 2nd at 5:00PM ET. Teams will also be able to re-sign players who are on their own roster.

Championship Series (February, 2023)

During this time Whipsnakes LC, Chrome LC, Archers LC, and Atlas LC will have the chance to add players from the player pool to participate in the 2023 Championship Series in February. If they are unable to field a 12-man Championship Series roster from their current 25-man roster, then those clubs can extend a Championship Series contract to a member of the player pool that will run through February.

Free Agency and Trade Window (March 6, 2023)

On March 6th, 2023 following the Championship Series, the trade window will open, and the first-ever free agency window will open. Team rosters will reset to 25 players.

Players who were active for less than 30% of eligible games in 2022 will have the opportunity to opt out of their current contract to sign with a different club. If a player opts out but is not signed by a new club by April 1st, then that player will remain on their current contract.