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PLL Free Agency: Expiring 2022 Contracts

With the PLL season sadly over until the sixes tournament in January, it’s time to focus on free agency. We do not know when exactly the PLL free agency period will open up, but we do know (at this moment) which players will be hitting the market. Since this is the PLL’s first true free agency period, it will be interesting to see how everything pans out. There are some very vital players with expiring contracts that may inevitably sign extensions this offseason.

Here is a list of each PLL team’s star players that will be hitting free agency this offseason. Mind you, not every free agent is on this list but these are the big names to look out for.


Will Manny: Manny had his best season yet in the PLL with 16 goals and 17 assists. After another failed postseason run, will Manny look to join a contender to chase the one thing he hasn’t accomplished yet in his career?

Marcus Holman: Holman had a strong season with 29 points and had his best shooting percentage since 2017 (35% shooting). The other half of the Manny/Holman combo probably still has a lot left in the tank, but is he also looking for a chance to win a ring with a team that can get over the hump?

Connor Fields: Fields has been able to re-establish himself as a successful scoring threat, but with the top heavy Archers attack, Fields might be better off going to a team that needs more scoring.

Scott Ratliff: The decorated All-Star finished 5th in the league in caused turnovers. The Archers don’t possess the strongest defensive unit, so the Archers keeping one of its best defenders is a must. 


Tucker Durkin: Durkin is Atlas’ vocal leader and a huge part of the locker room, but the stats say he might be slowing down. I wouldn’t be surprised if Durkin retired this offseason.

Jake Carraway: Carraway is the big wild card for free agency. He had a strong rookie season with 21 points and finished 4th on the team in scoring. But after the arrival of Chris Gray, Carraway fell out of rotation and only played in two games. Any team that signs Carraway will be hoping he can re-create his rookie season or surpass it.

Cade Van Raaphorst: Coming off his first All-Star season, Van Raaphorst is in the prime of his career at 26 years of age. He had 25 groundballs, which was 4th amongst defenseman. His 10 caused turnovers were 9th in the league. He might end up being one of the most sought after players in free agency.


Brodie Merrill: The ageless wonder turned 40 this year and still looked capable out on the field. Merrill would be a great addition both on and off the field, if he decides to play in 2023.

Nick Marrocco: Marrocco has stood on his head since he joined the Cannons in the PLL, but after Colin Kirst got the start in the must win season finale, it might be time for him to join a team with a little more help in front of him.


Mac O Keefe: The NCAA all-time leading goal scorer was 2nd in midfield points on the team. While O’Keefe has been able to find success, there are so many talented scorers in front of him. If Archers lose some scorers in free agency, maybe O’Keefe looks to reunite with Grant Ament.

Max Adler: Adler has really improved since joining the PLL last season. Although he only played in four games, he was the team’s main faceoff option late in the season and in the playoffs.


Jordan McIntosh: The veteran had 16 points which was good for 2nd in the midfield group and 5th overall on the team. With a group of younger players, it would be worthwhile for the Chrome to keep the veteran around both on and off the field. 

Eli Salama/ Nick Grill: These two get grouped together since both LSMs are up for free agency. Its almost a guarantee that one of these guys will be resigned if not both, due to the lack LSMs market in the PLL’s free agency.

Connor Farrell: The Milkman led the league with 90 groundballs this past season and bounced back after struggling in 2021. As the premiere faceoff guy in free agency, I’m sure other teams will be looking at Farrell.


Myles Jones: Jones is easily one of the top PLL players entering free agency. He has been an All-Star every year except 2020. Jones has scored 54 points over the last two seasons which is 2nd amongst midfielders. He is a matchup nightmare and would be a huge addition to any team.

Eddie Glazner: The leader of the Redwoods defense, Glazner had 15 groundballs and 10 caused turnovers last season. Unfortunately he suffered a partially torn Achilles in the playoffs so hopefully he is ready for training camp.

Jack Kelly: Kelly, who finished the season starting the final seven games for Redwoods, had a 46% save percentage. It will be interesting to see if Redwoods bring back Kelly, considering Tim Troutner is still under contract through 2023.


Kieran McArdle: The MVP finalist came up huge several times this season and finished with 42 points, which was 2nd only behind Lyle Thompson. I don’t see how or why McArdle would leave the Waterdogs, but free agency always has its surprises.

Steven DeNapoli: This one basically comes down to whether or not DeNapoli wants to come back or retire. After his championship postgame speech, I think its either Waterdogs or retirement.

Dillon Ward: No disrespect to Blaze Riorden, but Dillon Ward might be the best goalie in the world right now. Just like the other Waterdog free agents, it would be foolish by both parties to move on from each other.


Jay Carlson: A guy who seems to always be in the right place at the right time, Carlson is the forgotten attackman at times with him playing alongside Matt Rambo and Zed Williams, but he finished with the highest shot percentage for Whipsnake attack line along with 14 points.

Mike Chanenchuk: Another Whipsnake who always comes up with clutch plays, Chanenchuk always seems to come up with timely groundballs and seems to make all the right plays. If the Whips were to lose him, I think it would be a huge loss for their midfield group.

Jake Bernhardt: While he is definitely at the back end of his career, he is still a team captain and is still a huge part of that locker room. It will be interesting to see what decision the Whips make with Bernhardt.