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PLL Merger, Hybrid Model? Flex Force

This week continue our PLL Merger fantasies and talk about what the league might look like moving forward, including some interesting ideas about a possible hybrid tour model. Then we talk to Tom Herbert, the brain behind the Flex Force.

What is a flex force?

“For years, lacrosse players were forced to come up with their own methods of widening their lacrosse stick heads,” Herbert explained. “While rudimentary tools such as tuna cans, hockey pucks, and softballs were most commonly used, none of these provided reassurance that the head was being properly expanded. Not only was the distance of expansion unknown, but the item used to put pressure against the inner walls of the head may not have been sturdy enough or been able to provide uniform pressure. In short, there simply wasn’t a proper tool for the job………until now.

FlexForce has been specifically designed, tested, and manufactured to correctly and uniformly widen a lacrosse head back to a game-legal, desired distance.

No more shots in the dark.  FlexForce gives you the edge you need.”

If you want to snag this awesome product, you can find it here.

Last Week:

We started the episode by talking about the biggest news in our sport, the PLL/MLL merger. If you didn’t hear about it on Wednesday, Ryan Conwell wrote a great piece that can fill you in on everything we know and makes some educated guesses as to what may be in store moving forward. You can read that article here: A Deep Dive into the PLL & MLL Merger . After discussing the “merger” we immediately pivoted and welcomeed our featured guest, Chris Kolon. Chris is a proud Rutgers alum, former Atlas LC assistant, and currently the head men’s coach for the University of Detroit Mercy (he also gave me my fist job in college lacrosse many years ago). Chris and I talked about building culture, recruiting, Michigan high school lacrosse, and being a part of PLL’s inaugural season.

Next Week:

Next week we welcome a special guest to the show, Mark Glicini of PLL/NLL. Mark is so much more than a guy willing to step/dive in front of shots, he’s also an extremely talented and dedicated performance coach. Learn more about his on his website, and make sure to listen in for our special New Years day episode. He also has an awesome podcast called Grateful and Full of Greatness, be sure to check that out on whatever platform you use for podcasts.

As always, make sure to hit us up on Instagram @going_offsides_podcast and Twitter @goingoffsides to see what’s going on with the pod, who we’re having next, and for some sweet giveaways. Head to for awesome swag and discounts on lacrosse items.

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