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pll men's pro lacrosse 2019 season PLL All Star roster
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PLL Player of the Week: Week 6

This week’s Premier Lacrosse League Player of the Week is actually an entire unit. The Chrome offense was named this week’s PLL Player of the Week for their 19-goal performance.

PLL Player of the Week: Week 6

Chrome by far had the best weekend in the PLL, as they went from a 0-5 record to 1-5 in spectacular fashion. Jordan Wolf and Jordan MacIntosh combined for nine goals of the 19 scored. In spite of this, five Chrome players still had multiple goals, while nine players scored in total in the winning effort. Eleven of those goals were assisted.

Chrome looks to be in a good spot offensively as three of their players are in the Top 10 for assists in the league.

Chrome Upsets Chaos