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Just How Deep is the PLL Talent Pool?

With the two PLL All-Star rosters officially complete, we decided it would be fun to showcase the talent depth in the league by making a third All-Star team out of guys who didn’t even make the event.

Keep in mind, this team is based off of the below rosters before any substitutions for injuries.

Current Rosters

Theoretical Third PLL All-Star Team Talent

The idea behind this team is that it would be competitive against either of the original PLL All-Star teams. While we know the entire PLL is essentially full of all-star talent, it’s still incredibly difficult to narrow it down even further.

We followed the same guidelines as the original all-star teams: 19 players with two goalies, four close, one LSM, two SSDM, two FOS, four midfielders, and four attackmen. We also don’t care if they got injured in Week 5.


Ryan Brown (Waterdogs LC): 16 goals

Ryan Drenner (Cannons LC): 16 goals

Jake Carraway (Atlas LC): 15 points, 12 goals

Matt Kavanagh (Redwoods LC): 14 points, 12 goals


Jules Heningburg (Redwoods LC): 13 goals, 5 assists

Connor Kelly (Waterdogs LC): 21 points

Colin Heacock (Chrome LC): 13 points

Romar Dennis (Atlas LC): 9 points on 23 shots


Matt Abbott, SSDM (Whipsnakes LC): 25 ground balls, 6 caused turnovers

Ryan Terefenko, SSDM (Chrome LC): 9 ground balls, 5 points, 4 caused turnovers

Craig Chick, LSM (Atlas LC): 8 caused turnovers, 22 ground balls

Jake Withers, FOS (Waterdogs LC): 53%, 43 ground balls

Connor Farrell, FOS (Chrome LC): 50%, 33 ground balls


Liam Byrnes (Waterdogs LC): 15 caused turnovers, 16 ground balls

Eli Gobrecht (Waterdogs LC): 12 caused turnovers, 16 ground balls, 2 points

Michael Rexrode (Atlas LC): 11 caused turnovers, 12 ground balls

Jake Pulver (Cannons LC): 13 caused turnovers, 12 ground balls


John Galloway (Chrome LC): 61%

Nick Marrocco (Cannons LC): 54%

This is my take on what would be an impressive and competitive third team. Do you think it would be able to match up with the Adversaries and Defenders? Does the PLL truly have the talent depth for a third all-star team? Send us your thoughts on social media via Twitter or Instagram!