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Pocket 34-ish Sidewall Pics!

We got a request for more pictures of the all important Pocket 34 sidewall and thought we’d throw some up so that our readers can keep on trying to mimic this Mesh-Man Amongst Mesh-Boys Creation.  Unless you have seen one in person, chances are that you won’t be able to replicate the pocket perfectly, but I hope that these pictures will allow our readers to get the general idea down and then take it from there themselves.

Since an image is worth one thousand words, this post is about to get three thousand awesome words longer.  Thanks to Josh Rottman for the hook up with the pics!  These look like Pocket 34 sticks to me, but Josh was adamant that while some of the technique may be the same, the mesh is only a Pocket 34 when Lyle strings it, so make sure you remember that!

And then to cap this Pocket 34-tastic post off, I found this gem via the good ol’ twittlez… Pocket 34 knockoffs popping up everywhere! Spread the knowledge like butter my friends!