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Pocket 34 Revisited… Again

After my last attempt at duplicating the legendary Pocket 34 which resulted in mere visual mimicry, I was a little confused so I took some time off and then went back at it with a vengeance.  I decided to stay away from the stringing forums out of sheer obstinance and my desire to learn things as I go.  I am well aware that I haven’t perfected the craft by any means and my pocket is decidedly NOT Pocket 34 name worthy, but it functions very well and many of the same principles and techniques are used.

The mesh is pulled tightly down to the sidewalls and the channel is narrow and just around the width of a lacrosse ball.  I used two shooters in concentric V’s and inserted two nylons as top shooters.  The pocket has great hold when dodging and it was easy to make passes accurately.  When I give the stick a good hard cradle and then crank with it, the stick feels like that of a pure shooter. That is pretty much what a Pocket 34 stick does.  So at some level… success.

I like this style of pocket.  And it definitely works as advertised.  However, I personally prefer a bit of dangle to my pockets.  I like the ball to sit in the middle and for the channel to extend a bit higher up.  I decided to try a variation where I didn’t tie the mesh down tightly as far down the sidewall.  The tip of the channel sits near the straight shooters as opposed to the traditional Pocket 34, where the channel narrows at the concentric V’s.  Can you notice the difference?  I can certainly feel it when throwing with them although they both work very well.