This is is rising 9th grade face-off specialist, Thomas Washington.
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Polished Rising 9th Grade Face-Off Specialist

Whoa, an 8th grader? Really?!?! This kid is already ballin’ out at the varsity level and earned 1st Team All-Section this past spring.

The video is rising 9th grade face-off specialist, Thomas Washington. Thomas is only heading in to his 9th grade year but the video shows his highlights from the 2014 Varsity HS Season at The Blake School in Minneapolis, MN.

From what we’ve heard through the grapevine, Thomas is a student of Matt Schomburg and his moto-grip, one knee down method. He is calm and cool and can push the ball forward (he had 10 unassisted goals of the face-off this season), bring it backwards, or to the side.

We also heard that he went through 4 heads this season, as he creased and crushed them to the point where they are no longer function. Usually strength isn’t a strong point for an 8th grade face-off guy.

Reported Stats:

  • Regular Season: 68%
  • Sections: 60%
  • State Tourney: 72%

It was also passed along that at Summer Slam in Pennsylvania this past weekend, his Team MN team was leading 1-0 after 15 seconds because Thomas was the first to score.

Sounds about right.

Best of luck to this young man and to all the teams that have to face him over the next four years. Thomas, I hope your passion for the game continues to grow!