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Las Vegas Lacrosse: Potential Coaches for the Newest NLL Franchise

There is bound to be speculation about who will lead any newly-created team. Las Vegas Lacrosse, the NLL’s newest franchise, is no exception. So, we’re taking a look at a handful of potential coaching candidates we think could be a good fit to lead the club.

**This is not an exhaustive list and by no means implies any interest by the coach**

Las Vegas Lacrosse Potential Coaches

Clem D’Orazio (Assistant GM & Assistant Coach, Albany Firewolves)

Coach D’Orazio has risen through the ranks rather quickly and is an experienced molder of young men. His roles as head coach of the Everest Academy and GM of Toronto Beaches Jr. A have allowed him to work with many of today’s best NLL players.

If Las Vegas wants a guy who has experience in every aspect of running an organization but hasn’t hit his ceiling yet, D’Orazio could be the guy. The tough part will be reducing his time in Ontario, where he has some really deep roots. 

Josh Sanderson (Offensive Coordinator & Director of Player Personnel, San Diego Seals)

There are a few things at play here. Sanderson coaches for the Seals, a team owned by Joe Tsai, who happens to be the principal owner of Las Vegas Lacrosse. If Tsai wants a familiar face who certainly has the pedigree, we could understand Sanderson getting a shot – Sanderson has deep ties as a player and coach in the league, having played for 19 seasons and then spending two seasons working in the Rock organization before San Diego.

Shawn Williams (Offensive Coordinator, Colorado Mammoth)

Recently inducted into the NLL Hall of Fame as a first-ballot entry, the 17-year NLL veteran and six-time All-Star has the experience and high-level knowledge needed behind the bench to be a fit. Add in his current experience as an assistant coach for the Mammoth under Pat Coyle, and it’s only a matter of time until Willie gets his shot to lead a team of his own – might as well be Las Vegas.

Bob McMahon (Assistant Coach, Calgary Roughnecks)

With Coach McMahon, you have the opportunity to hire one of the most experienced guys in the entire game. He was the 2002 NLL Coach of the Year and has coached on and off in the MILL/NLL dating back to his time at the Turbos in 1992. McMahon’s career has seen several twists and turns, but everyone I spoke to speaks highly of his knowledge and passion for the game.

Bruce Codd (Assistant Coach, Toronto Rock)

The former 12-year NLL veteran moved to coaching after his playing days were over, spending four seasons with the Calgary Roughnecks before returning to Toronto, but this time as a coach. Highly regarded in Ontario for his coaching ability and connections throughout the amateur level, I think this is a right time and place to consider Bruce Codd for a head coaching position in Las Vegas.