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D3 Lacrosse Semifinals: Tyler Vs Connor

Connor and I are predicting the D3 Lacrosse semifinals, and both of us have made mostly correct picks throughout the tourney. To spice things up, we’re adding in a “call the score” component. Extra points for whoever gets closer!

In the last round, I missed on St. Lawrence, and CW missed on Gettysburg. Connor holds a slim 1 point lead in our picking contest so far, but now is when winners are crowned.

Predicting The D3 Lacrosse Semifinals

SLU @ Tufts – North Regional

TR Pick: With the way the the Jumbos are playing right now I am not sure anyone can stop them. How is it that every single year Tufts elevates their game to another level comes mid-May? It really is a testament to Coach Daly and staff.

TR Score Prediction: Tufts 15, SLU 10

CW Pick: Limiting a star player is hard, but SLU was up to the task. Now, can they limit a bunch of stars and some role players? Their defense would have to be on fire. Is it possible? Yes. Tufts has had some close calls and losses, but not in May. Tufts will win, by less than Tyler thinks. If SLU doesn’t slow this game down, they lose for sure.

CW Score Prediction: Tufts 13, SLU 9

Gettysburg @ Salisbury – South Regional

TR Pick: Everyone is chalking up a Salisbury vs. Tufts final, am I the only one that isn’t? Both teams are coming off of OT wins. York is the only team to beat the Gulls, Gettysburg just beat York…I am not one to pick games based on component opponent scores, but it’s May and I am little burnt out. Gimme the Bullets in OT.

TR Score Prediction: Gettysburg 10, Salisbury 9 in OT

CW Pick: I’ll chalk up Salisbury as my South winner. It’s good to disagree, and I think SU is going to win, but dear lord, I do NOT feel good about it. Not. One. Bit. The Gulls have been living on the edge lately, but they have shown an ability to close out games, at least after their loss to York back on April 30th. I need that to be the wake up call SU needed.

CW Score Prediction: Salisbury 12, Gettysburg 10

Whoever wins, we all win. #D3ForLife.