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PR: LacrosseRecruits.com teams w/ Oregon’s Rhino Lacrosse

PR: LacrosseRecruits.com teams w/ Oregon's Rhino LacrosseRhino Lacrosse Teams Up with LacrosseRecruits.com to Increase the Number of College Lacrosse Players Coming From Developing Lacrosse Regions.


Rhino Lacrosse / LacrosseRecruits.com

(Portland, Oregon) – Rhino Lacrosse and LacrosseRecruits.com today announced the two companies are teaming up to give members of Rhino Lacrosse teams and players who attend Rhino Lacrosse Academies increased exposure to college coaches through the use of LacrosseRecruits.com. The partnership will help high school lacrosse players, particularly in regions where lacrosse is developing, to market themselves to college coaches using LacrosseRecruits’ innovative suite of tools. Rhino Lacrosse will promote LacrosseRecruits.com by encouraging its players and campers who aspire to play college lacrosse to become a LacrosseRecruits.com member. Rhino Lacrosse believes LacrosseRecruits.com is the most efficient way for a high school athlete to market themselves to college coaches.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Rhino Lacrosse provides top-notch instruction to players based in the Pacific Northwest and in 2009 will run ten lacrosse academies in developing lacrosse regions such as California, Oregon, Texas, Idaho, Washington and Colorado. While lacrosse has rapidly grown in the aforementioned regions, lacrosse is still relatively new in these areas making the partnership between Rhino Lacrosse and LacrosseRecruits.com so important for both high school players and the college coaches looking to recruit them. By teaming up with LacrosseRecruits.com, Rhino Lacrosse gives these high school lacrosse players the tools they need to properly market themselves to college coaches, who historically have overlooked these developing areas due to limited recruiting budgets. LacrosseRecruits.com’s innovative tools allow these players to put themselves in front every college lacrosse coach in the country in the most efficient manner.

LacrosseRecruits.com allows a player to create an online profile that includes his or her contact information, lacrosse information and academic information. Players then upload game footage to their profile and create highlight reels using easy-to-use video editing software. LacrosseRecruits.com then provides every college coach in the country access to the player database and allows the coach to search for players that fit their recruiting profile. One click and a college coach is viewing the player’s profile and video.

Ryan Powell, founder and chief operator of Rhino Lacrosse, is well aware of what it takes to get to the next level. During his time at Syracuse University, Mr. Powell was a four time All-American selection. With LacrosseRecruits.com, Mr. Powell believes players from these developing areas greatly increase their odds of playing lacrosse in college.

“At Rhino, we provide the highest level of instruction in the world to players in developing lacrosse regions,” Powell said. “In the past, our athletes have had trouble getting on the radar of college coaches, who due to limited recruiting budgets, are forced to focus on players from the hotbeds on the East Coast. LacrosseRecruits.com gives all of our players a platform to display their video, athletic information, academic information, and contact information. It gives our athletes the extra exposure they need to be recruited. One of my main goals is to help my players get to the next level and this partnership is a huge step in the right direction.”

“Partnering with Rhino Lacrosse not only expands the reach of college coaches, but also helps grow the sport of lacrosse as players in underdeveloped areas are given the exposure they deserve,” said Matt Wheeler, President of LacrosseRecruits.com. “The first step in being recruited is getting on a coach’s radar screen and with LacrosseRecruit.com’s innovative tools, we give a player all the tools he or she needs to do that.”

For more information about LacrosseRecruits.com please visit www.LacrosseRecruits.com. For more information about Rhino Lacrosse please visit www.RhinoLacrosse.com.

About Rhino Lacrosse

Established in 2005, in Portland, Oregon, Rhino Lacrosse has become the premier lacrosse instructional company in the world. Founded, owned and operated by Syracuse University lacrosse legend, two-time Major League Lacrosse MVP, National Lacrosse League All Star and Nike athlete, Ryan Powell. Rhino Lacrosse provides opportunities for boys and girls of all skill levels to learn the game of lacrosse, develop their skills and compete at the most appropriate level based on their ability. Rhino Lacrosse programs include: Academies, Clinics, Leagues, Select Teams, Tournaments, and lacrosse based SPARQ Training. The world-class instructors are handpicked by Ryan Powell to create the Rhino Lacrosse staff, which works with players of all skill levels from around the country. Ryan’s vision with Rhino Lacrosse is to grow the game and give every lacrosse player the opportunity to be the next great number 22. Rhino Lacrosse operates programs in California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Texas and Washington. For more information on how to bring Rhino Lacrosse to your area, visit www.RhinoLacrosse.com.

About LacrosseRecruits.com

LacrosseRecruits.com is a recruiting tool that helps high school lacrosse players market themselves to college coaches. By creating a player profile, a player makes it convenient for a college coach to view the player’s profile and video. Players are able to upload unlimited video and create their own highlights using software built into LacrosseRecruits.com. This video is incorporated directly onto the player’s profile for every college coach to view. For more information about the features included in a LacrosseRecruits.com membership, visit www.LacrosseRecruits.com/Tours and take a guided tour.

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