Press Coverage of Lacrosse All Stars

We try to chronicle any press coverage our company receives below, but sometimes we miss things. Feel free to contact us if you see a mention of Lacrosse All Stars somewhere!

Recent Press & Other Mentions

2/10/2014 – Connor Wilson featured in “Friday Faces” by Nexus Lacrosse.

2/4/2014 – The National Lacrosse League helps promote NLL Live, a Lacrosse All Stars & TLN join production.

2/4/2014 – Umass men’s lacrosse season preview featured on

1/31/2013 – features story about Neal Powless bringing back pro lacrosse to Syracuse, featuring a team sponsored by Lacrosse All Stars.

10/17/2012 – LAS Writer Barry Marenburg cited in’s article, Warrior Sports Receives Injunction in UA Lawsuit.

10/16/2012 – Jeff Brunelle, Krieg Shaw and the Grow The Game Tour featured in this Missoula Elite 100 video.

9/6/2012 – features an interview with Jeff Brunelle about the upcoming Grow The Game Tour.

3/1/2012 – Payu Nerngchamnong, President Thailand Lacrosse Association & LAS Blogger, is featured in the March Issue of Prestige Magazine.

2/28/2012 – Lacrosse All Stars Game Grower t-shirts are featured in the March Issue of Lacrosse Magazine.

2/21/2012 –, an SB Nation sports blog focused on the Syracuse Orange, mentions Ryan Powell’s interview with Sean Lindsay.

2/21/2012 – features Ryan Powell’s interview with Sean Lindsay on its homepage.

2/20/2012 – Maverik Lacrosse Marketing Director Michael Chepucavage credits Lacrosse All Stars for “pushing the message of growing the game” in a article about the company’s new commercial, “The Future Is Here”.

2/18/2012 – features our Industry Scoop article on its homepage.

2/17/2012 – features Vinne Ricasio’s “Team Captain” article on its homepage.

2/3/2012 – features our Fireside Chat interview with former Syracuse goalie John Galloway on its homepage.

1/31/2012 – The January issue of Lacrosse Magazine features Jonny Namur, mentions

1/29/2012 – The Growth Blog mentions recent articles by Lacrosse All Stars and MCLA Fan

1/28/2012 – CNBC Sports Biz reporter Darren Rovell mentions @LaxAllStars, Nike Lacrosse on Twitter and shares photo.

1/27/2012 – features recent LAS article in “Is the ‘lax bro’ culture keeping gays out of lacrosse?”

1/27/2012 – Sanford L. Smith & Associates mentions our recent coverage of the NYC Outsider Art Fair

1/27/2012 – Rhino Lacrosse highlights Krieg Shaw’s Summer 2011 Rhino Content Series

1/24/2012 – Major League Lacrosse notes @Con_Bro_Chill’s GTG support in the “MLL’s Must Follow On Twitter List”

1/23/2012 – Rhino Lacrosse drops LAS a shout out for recent coverage of the Rhino Rippers

1/17/2012 – Impact Wrestling mentions’s interview with Pro Westler Taz

1/11/2012 – Mentioned in University of Denver Team Camp Newsletter

12/15/2011 – In Lax We Trust mentions an LAS article about Richie Meade, Head Coach of Team USA

11/28/2011 – Connor Wilson mentioned by Under The Bucket regarding “Practice Fights”

11/8/2011 – Farkas Eye Black gives LAS a shoutout for our Mythbuster piece

10/12/2011 – @LaxAllStars mentioned by Under The Bucket as a “Best Lax Personality” on Twitter

8/24/2011 – Rhino Lacrosse gives a shout out to Krieg Shaw for his Summer Tour Recap

7/19/2011 – Rhino Lacrosse unveils coverage of the Rhino Summer Academies

3/10/2011 – Rhino Lacrosse announces Ryan Powell’s new blog post on

2/1/2011 – Lacrosse Magazine features Lax All Stars Apollo Shorts in it’s February Issue.

1/9/2011 –, an SBNation Blog, plugs Connor Wilson and

10/27/2009 – LAS Co-Founder Jeff Brunelle selected as Featured Young Professional by TSBX

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