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Pro-Am Mountain Jam: It’s Bitter Time!

I’ve been chatting with various member of the Bitter Clan this year, and each of them mentioned how excited they were for the inaugural Bitter Lacrosse tournament this Summer: The Pro-Am Mountain Jam. They have come on board as an advertiser for the next two weeks, leading up to the tournament, but we thought it would be beneficial to give you a little more info on the event as well.

The tourney runs from June 22-23rd in Stowe, VT. There will be a men’s open Elite, and SuperMasters, tournaments going on all weekend. The term Pro-Am refers to the talent level of the event. Not quite pro, but definitely not amateur. I think it speaks to the excellent level of play in the post-collegiate world, and I like it!


The tournament runs alongside the Cupola Music Festival, which features bands like Bronze Radio Return, The Shady Trees, and Entendre, with more acts to be added. The festival runs on Mayo Farms, which is just across the street from the lacrosse fields.

Mt. Mansfield, VT’s highest peak, can be seen from both Mayo Farms, and the fields. It’s a pretty idyllic location!

I spoke with EW Bitter about the event, he was clearly excited, and with good reason:

The Pro Am Mountain Jam is bringing a fresh perspective to the men’s tournament circuit by opening competition up to all and raising the bar on off-field activities. The event is open to individuals through the Free Agent option.
If you want to play but can’t pull together a team, now you don’t have to worry about it. Bitter Lacrosse has you covered. Just sign up and show up. As for the off field activities, there are a multitude of Green Mountain activities to choose from including the Cupola Music Festival, which is running Saturday evening across the street from the playing fields.
This world class music event features Bronze Radio Return, along with 3 other bands. Some additional activities to choose from include:

Bitter Lacrosse is excited to welcome all those looking for a great weekend of lacrosse and music.

Did you catch the mention of cliff jumping? Here is some proof. Yup, that’s Billy “Benz” Bitter going the distance.

Check out the promo video for the tournament. It definitely looks like a good time, and the free agent option is a good one! Can’t get a team together, but you want to go to Stowe and ball out? Not. A. Problem. Register as a free agent.